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Applied Optics


  • Vol. 36, Iss. 15 — May. 20, 1997
  • pp: 3400–3412

Modes of resonators with dispersive phase-conjugate mirrors

Abdul-Azeez R. Al-Rashed and Bahaa E. A. Saleh  »View Author Affiliations

Applied Optics, Vol. 36, Issue 15, pp. 3400-3412 (1997)

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We investigate the transverse and longitudinal modes of a resonator consisting of a spherical mirror, a Gaussian aperture, and a dispersive phase-conjugate mirror (PCM). The photorefractive PCM introduces spatial dispersion in the form of lateral and focal shifts along with temporal dispersion. For both degenerate and nondegenerate operation, the decentered Gaussian beam was found to be a mode whose peak intensity is displaced from the resonator axis. In the nondegenerate case, the components of a mode oscillating at a pair of frequencies that are up and down shifted from the pump frequency by the same amount have different spatial distributions, so that the intensity pattern moves periodically across the output mirror. The resonance frequencies of the longitudinal modes are calculated numerically.

© 1997 Optical Society of America

Original Manuscript: May 13, 1996
Revised Manuscript: October 30, 1996
Published: May 20, 1997

Abdul-Azeez R. Al-Rashed and Bahaa E. A. Saleh, "Modes of resonators with dispersive phase-conjugate mirrors," Appl. Opt. 36, 3400-3412 (1997)

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