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A highly regarded, premium quality must read for everyone in the optics field that offers applications-centered research in optics, photonics, imaging, and sensing. Topics germane to the journal include optical technology, lasers, photonics, environmental optics, and information processing.

Editor-in-Chief: Ronald Driggers, St. Johns Optical Systems
ISSN: 1559-128X | eISSN: 2155-3165
Frequency: Rapid article-at-a-time publication; 3 issues per month
2013 Impact Factor: 1.649

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Object tracking based on incremental Bi-2DPCA learning with sparse structure
In this paper, we propose a novel object tracking method that can work well in challenging scenarios such as... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2897-2907 (2015)

High time–bandwidth product and high repetition rate period signal generation based on spectral hole burning crystal
This paper proposes an approach for the generation of high time–bandwidth product (TBP) and high... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2891-2896 (2015)

Small displacement measurements based on an angular-deviation amplifier and interferometric phase detection
We propose a method for small displacement measurement based on the angle deviation to phase change... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2885-2890 (2015)

1.5  kW ytterbium-doped single-transverse-mode, linearly polarized monolithic fiber master oscillator power amplifier
A linearly polarized monolithic fiber laser based on a master oscillator power amplifier structure with a... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2880-2884 (2015)

First approach to characterize tilts through multiple pistons in the classical Ronchi test
In this work, it is shown how a tilt can be introduced into a segmented surface through several piston terms,... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2870-2879 (2015)

Radiation stability of visible and near-infrared optical and magneto-optical properties of terbium gallium garnet crystals
Perspectives of terbium gallium garnet, Tb3Ga5O12 (TGG), for the use of... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2866-2869 (2015)

Holographic assessment of self-phase modulation and blooming in a thermal medium
The use of a low-power laser beam to characterize self-phase modulation (SPM) and bubble formation during... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2857-2865 (2015)

Broadband single-polarization single-mode photonic crystal fibers with three different background materials
A modified structure of single-polarization single-mode (SPSM) photonic crystal fiber (PCF) with different... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2851-2856 (2015)

Color-tunable light emitting diodes based on quantum dot suspension
We propose a color-tunable light emitting diode (LED) consisting of a blue LED as the light source and... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2845-2850 (2015)

Determination of aspheric vertex radius of curvature in non-null interferometry
Traditional spherical radius of curvature interferometry is not valid for an aspheric vertex radius of... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2838-2844 (2015)

Enhancement of the perceived image quality of a 2D/3D convertible directional-backlight unit system using a double-slit barrier array and an active diffuser
In this paper, a method to construct a directional-backlight unit system to separate the left-eye image and... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2832-2837 (2015)

Effect of scattering angle error on particle size determination by multiangle dynamic light scattering
Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is a popular method of particle size measurement. Multiangle dynamic light... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2824-2831 (2015)

Large-scale three-dimensional measurement via combining 3D scanner and laser rangefinder
This paper presents a three-dimensional (3D) measurement method of large-scale objects by integrating a 3D... Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 10, pp.2814-2823 (2015)

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Call for Papers

Optical Design and Testing 2015
  • Yi-Chin Fang, Chao-Wen Liang, Yi-Ching Fang, John Koshel, Chao-Wen Liang, Jose Sasian, Yongtian Wang, Toyohiko Yatagai, James M. Zavisian
  • Submission opens: 15 March 2015; submission deadline: 15 May 2015

In Progress

Imaging Systems and Signal Recovery
  • Gisele Bennett, Christy Fernandez-Cull, David Gerwe, Michael Kriss, Edmund Lam, Zeev Zalevsky
  • In progress (no new submissions accepted)


Focus on Compressive Sensing (Invited Only)
  • Joseph N. Mait, Abhijit Mahalanobis, Mark A. Neifeld, and Ravindra A. Athale
  • Published
Light and Color in the Open Air
  • Joseph A. Shaw, Raymond L. Lee, and Philip Laven
  • Published
2014 Digital Holography and 3-D Imaging
  • Yoshio Hayasaki (lead), Marc Georges, and Jung-Ping Liu
  • Published
Optical Design and Testing
  • Bob Breault, Yi-Ching Fang, John Koshel, Chao-Wen Liang, Jose Sasian, Yongtian Wang
  • Published
Advances in Lithography
  • Bruce Smith, Rongguang Liang, Andreas Erdmann, Apo Sezginer
  • Published
Laser Interaction with Materials (Invited only)
  • Claude Phipps (Lead), Willy Bohn, Thierry Sarnet
  • Published
Digital Holography and 3-D Imaging
  • Myung K. Kim, Chau-Jern Cheng, Jinwoong Kim, Wolfgang Osten, Pascal Picart, Hiroshi Yoshikawa
  • Published
Focus on Sandia National Laboratories (Invited Only)
  • Robert Boye
  • Published

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