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European Quantum Electronics Conference

    Munich Germany
    June 14-19, 2009
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    EA - EA Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EA1 - Quantum Optics of Single Atoms, Quantum Dots, etc [Browse Session]
    EA2 - Quantum Optics of Cold Atoms and Single Photon Sources [Browse Session]
    EA3 - Quantum Entanglement [Browse Session]
    EA4 - Squeezed Light and Quantum Entanglement [Browse Session]
    EA5 - Quantum Optics I [Browse Session]
    EA6 - Quantum Optics II [Browse Session]
    EB - EB Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EB_P3 - EB Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EB1 - Atoms and Microresonators [Browse Session]
    EB2 - Photon Emission and Resonant Light [Browse Session]
    EC - EC Poster session [Browse Session]
    EC1 - Novel Developments in Trapping and Cooling [Browse Session]
    EC2 - Cold Molecules [Browse Session]
    EC3 - Matter Wave Optics in Optical Lattices [Browse Session]
    EC4 - Low Dimensions and Fluctuations [Browse Session]
    ED - ED Poster Session [Browse Session]
    ED1 - Novel Quantum Entanglement [Browse Session]
    ED2 - Future Technologies for Quantum Information [Browse Session]
    ED3 - Multiphotons for Quantum Information [Browse Session]
    ED4 - Quantum Interfaces: Atoms, Ions, Detectors [Browse Session]
    ED5 - Quantum Key Distribution Systems [Browse Session]
    EE - EE Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EE1 - Optical Frequency Standards [Browse Session]
    EE2 - Optical Cavities and Precision Measurements [Browse Session]
    EF - EF Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EF1 - Discrete Solitons [Browse Session]
    EF2 - Emerging Topics in Nonlinear Optics [Browse Session]
    EF3 - Guided Nonlinear Optics [Browse Session]
    EF4 - Spatial Solitons [Browse Session]
    EF5 - Nonlinear Processes in Structured Materials [Browse Session]
    EG - EG Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EG1 - Precision Spectroscopy with Frequency Combs [Browse Session]
    EG2 - Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics [Browse Session]
    EG3 - Ultrafast Spectroscopy on Solid-State Systems [Browse Session]
    EG4 - Frequency Combs and Nonlinear Optics [Browse Session]
    EH - EH Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EH1 - Spatial Soliton Lasers [Browse Session]
    EH2 - Pulsed Dissipative Solitons and Digital Optics [Browse Session]
    EH3 - Patterns, Self-Organization and Control [Browse Session]
    EH4 - Nonlinear Dynamics in Semiconductor Lasers [Browse Session]
    EI - EI Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EI1 - Plasmonics I [Browse Session]
    EI2 - Plasmonics II [Browse Session]
    EI3 - Nonlinear Nano-Optics [Browse Session]
    EI4 - Nanophotonics [Browse Session]
    EI5 - Quantum Plasmonics [Browse Session]
    EJ - EJ Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EJ1 - Metamaterials I [Browse Session]
    EJ2 - Metamaterials II [Browse Session]
    EJ3 - Metamaterials III [Browse Session]
    JSI1 - Large Scale Photonic Integration [Browse Session]
    JSII - JSII Poster Session [Browse Session]
    JSII1 - Quantum States of Light on Demand I [Browse Session]
    JSII2 - Quantum States of Light on Demand II [Browse Session]
    JSIII1 - Optical Trapping Landscapes and Forces [Browse Session]
    JSIII2 - Optical Trapping Twisted Light: Application [Browse Session]
    JSIV - JSIV Poster Session [Browse Session]
    JSIV1 - THz Near-fields and Metamaterials [Browse Session]
    JSIV2 - Nonlinear THz Dynamics [Browse Session]
    JSIV3 - THz QCLs and other Sources [Browse Session]
    JSIV4 - THz Systems and Components [Browse Session]
    JSV1 - Optics beyond the Raleigh Resolution Limit I [Browse Session]
    JSV2 - Optics beyond the Raleigh Resolution Limit II [Browse Session]
    JTuA - ECBO - CLEO/Europe Joint Session - Hot Topics: Molecules to Metabolism [Browse Session]
    PL1 - CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2009 Plenary I [Browse Session]
    PL2 - CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2009 Plenary II, EPS/QEOD and OSA Awards Ceremony, Herbert Walther Award [Browse Session]
    TF1 - Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers: Concepts to Applications I\par (Session held jointly with the LIM conferences) [Browse Session]
    TF2 - Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers: Concepts to Applications II \par (Session held jointly with the LIM conferences) [Browse Session]

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