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European Quantum Electronics Conference

    Munich Germany
    May 22-26, 2011
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    CLEB - CLEB Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CLEB1 - Medical Imaging (Session jointly held with ECBO) [Browse Session]
    CLEB2 - Advanced Microscopy [Browse Session]
    CLEB3 - Advanced Biophotonics: Sensing and Imaging (Session jointly held with ECBO) [Browse Session]
    CLEB4 - Laser Writing, Structuring and Nanosurgery [Browse Session]
    CLEB5 - Optical Forces and Imaging [Browse Session]
    EA - EA Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EA1 - Multimode Quantum Optics [Browse Session]
    EA2 - Mesoscopic Quantum Optics [Browse Session]
    EA3 - Single Photon Emission and Absorption [Browse Session]
    EA4 - Quantum Light Sources [Browse Session]
    EA5 - Quantum Interference and Nonlocality [Browse Session]
    EA6 - Squeezing and Entanglement [Browse Session]
    EA7 - Single Photon Sources [Browse Session]
    EA8 - Quantum Correlations and Measurement [Browse Session]
    EA9 - Cavity Quantum Optics [Browse Session]
    EC - EC Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EC1 - Atomic Quantum Gases and Many-Body Phenomena [Browse Session]
    EC2 - Dipolar Quantum Gases [Browse Session]
    EC3 - Cold Ions and Single Atoms [Browse Session]
    ED - ED Poster Session [Browse Session]
    ED1 - Quantum Memories [Browse Session]
    ED2 - Deterministic Quantum State Generation and Storing [Browse Session]
    ED3 - Technologies for Quantum Communication [Browse Session]
    ED4 - Photonic Entanglement [Browse Session]
    EE.P - EE Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EE1 - Precision Measurements with Atoms [Browse Session]
    EE2 - Fundamental Limits of Optical Sensors and Oscillators [Browse Session]
    EF - EF Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EF1 - Nonlinear Optics and High-Order Modes [Browse Session]
    EF2 - Nonlinear Optics in Nanostructured Materials [Browse Session]
    EF3 - Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics [Browse Session]
    EF4 - Fundamental Nonlinear Optics [Browse Session]
    EF5 - Nonlinear Spatial Structures [Browse Session]
    EG - EG Poster session [Browse Session]
    EG1 - Frequency Comb Generation [Browse Session]
    EG2 - Femtosecond Spectroscopy [Browse Session]
    EG3 - Frequency-Comb Spectroscopy and CEP Effects [Browse Session]
    EH - EH Poster session [Browse Session]
    EH1 - Rogue Waves and Extreme Events [Browse Session]
    EH2 - Complex Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Optical Beams and Quantum Fluids [Browse Session]
    EH3 - Cavity Solitons and Localized [Browse Session]
    EH4 - Pattern Formation and Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics [Browse Session]
    EI - EI Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EI1 - Microvacity Polaritons and Ultrafast Light-Matter Interaction [Browse Session]
    EI2 - Light on a Chip [Browse Session]
    EI3 - Localized Fields in Metallic Structures [Browse Session]
    EI4 - Nanoantenna [Browse Session]
    EI5 - Individual Quantum Systems [Browse Session]
    EJ - EJ Poster Session [Browse Session]
    EJ1 - Nanoscale Waveguides [Browse Session]
    EJ2 - Devices towards Application [Browse Session]
    EJ3 - Active and Tunable Devices [Browse Session]
    EJ4 - Nanoantennas: From THz to the Visible [Browse Session]
    EJ5 - Subwavelength Light Localization [Browse Session]
    EJ6 - Coherent Control and Nonlinearities [Browse Session]
    JSI - JSI Poster session [Browse Session]
    JSI1 - Quantum Optomechanics - From Fundamentals to Applications I [Browse Session]
    JSI2 - Quantum Optomechanics - From Fundamentals to Applications II [Browse Session]
    JSII1 - Low Dimensional Carbon Nano-Structures in Photonics I [Browse Session]
    JSII2 - Low Dimensional Carbon Nano-Structures in Photonics II [Browse Session]
    JSIII - JSIII Poster Session [Browse Session]
    JSIII1 - Astrophotonics Applications [Browse Session]
    JSIII2 - Astrophotonics Technologies [Browse Session]
    JSIV1 - Waveguide-based Sensing [Browse Session]
    JSIV2 - Novel Optical Biosensors [Browse Session]
    PL1 - CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2011 Plenary Session 1 [Browse Session]
    PL2 - World of Photonics Opening Session with Plenary Talk [Browse Session]
    PL3 - CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2011 Plenary Session 2 and Awards Ceremonies [Browse Session]

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