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CLEO: Science and Innovations

    San Jose, California United States
    June 9-14, 2013
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    AF1J - Applied Optical Measurements in Fabrication Processes and Products I [Browse Session]
    AF2J - Applied Optical Measurements in Fabrication Processes and Products II [Browse Session]
    AM3M - Lab on Chip I [Browse Session]
    AM4M - Lab on Chip II [Browse Session]
    ATu1N - Lab on Chip III [Browse Session]
    CF1E - Applications of Fiber Nonlinearities [Browse Session]
    CF1F - High Power and Nitride Semiconductor Lasers [Browse Session]
    CF1G - Frequency Combs and Arbitrary Waveform Generation [Browse Session]
    CF1I - Fabrication and Characterization of Optical Gain Materials [Browse Session]
    CF1M - Novel Light Emitters [Browse Session]
    CF2E - Photon Manipulation for Improved Efficiency [Browse Session]
    CF2F - Surface-emitting Semiconductor Lasers [Browse Session]
    CF2G - Ultrafast Measurement & Spectroscopy [Browse Session]
    CF2I - Microresonators, Waveguides and their Characterization [Browse Session]
    CF2M - Non-reciprocity in Nanophotonics/ Quantum Photonic Devices [Browse Session]
    CM1F - Microresonators I [Browse Session]
    CM1G - Advanced Modulation Formats & Digital Signal Processing [Browse Session]
    CM1H - Laser Writing and Patterning [Browse Session]
    CM1I - Mode-locked Fiber Lasers [Browse Session]
    CM1J - THz Metamaterials & Plasmonics I [Browse Session]
    CM1K - Mid-infrared QCL's [Browse Session]
    CM1L - NLO in Microresonators and Waveguides [Browse Session]
    CM1M - Optofluidic Particle Manipulation [Browse Session]
    CM1N - Concepts for Scaling & Extending Laser Performance [Browse Session]
    CM2F - Nanoantennas and Plasmonics [Browse Session]
    CM2G - Approaching Fundamental Limits in Optical Communication [Browse Session]
    CM2H - Microcavity Optofluidic Sensors [Browse Session]
    CM2I - Ultrafast Fiber Sources [Browse Session]
    CM2J - THz Metamaterials & Plasmonics II [Browse Session]
    CM2K - Mid-infrared Semiconductor Lasers [Browse Session]
    CM2L - Ultrafast Parametric Sources [Browse Session]
    CM2M - Fundamentals of Laser-Material Interactions [Browse Session]
    CM3F - Nanolasers & Photodetectors [Browse Session]
    CM3G - RF over Fiber [Browse Session]
    CM3H - Laser Materials Processing with Shaped Beams [Browse Session]
    CM3I - Special Fiber Design & Fabrication [Browse Session]
    CM3J - THz Spectroscopy and Sensing [Browse Session]
    CM3L - Solitons and Nonlinear Propagation [Browse Session]
    CM3N - Attosecond & XUV Metrology [Browse Session]
    CM4D - All Optical and Quantum Signal Processing [Browse Session]
    CM4F - Photonic Crystals [Browse Session]
    CM4G - OTDM Technologies [Browse Session]
    CM4H - Applications of Laser Processing [Browse Session]
    CM4I - Short Wavelength Fiber Lasers and Effects [Browse Session]
    CM4J - Nonlinear THz Technology [Browse Session]
    CM4N - Long Distance Ranging and Frequency Transfer [Browse Session]
    CM4O - Micro-sensors [Browse Session]
    CTh1C - Microresonators III [Browse Session]
    CTh1F - Four-wave Mixing & Frequency Comb Generation [Browse Session]
    CTh1G - Microdisks, Microrings & DFB's [Browse Session]
    CTh1H - Ultrafast Laser Sources I [Browse Session]
    CTh1J - Fabrications and Applications I [Browse Session]
    CTh1K - THz Waveguides and Resonators [Browse Session]
    CTh1M - Next Generation Photovoltaics [Browse Session]
    CTh3F - Nonlinear Optics in Nanophotonic Devices [Browse Session]
    CTh3G - Photonic Crystal Lasers [Browse Session]
    CTh3H - Ultrafast Laser Sources II [Browse Session]
    CTh3I - Biosensors [Browse Session]
    CTh3J - Fabrications and Applications II [Browse Session]
    CTh3L - Photodetectors I [Browse Session]
    CTh3M - Fiber Parametric Amplifiers [Browse Session]
    CTh4F - Waveguides and Passive Components [Browse Session]
    CTh4G - Defect & Quantum Dot Emitters [Browse Session]
    CTh4H - Fiber Devices & Sensors [Browse Session]
    CTh4I - Thermal Challenges for High Average Power Lasers II [Browse Session]
    CTh4J - Photodetectors II [Browse Session]
    CTh4L - Novel Components and Applications [Browse Session]
    CTh4M - Attoseconds and CEP Control [Browse Session]
    CTh5C - Science and Innovation Postdeadline Session I [Browse Session]
    CTh5D - Science and Innovation Postdeadline Session II [Browse Session]
    CTu1F - Graphene & Other Novel Materials [Browse Session]
    CTu1G - Parametric Optical Signal Processing [Browse Session]
    CTu1H - Remote Sensing and Imaging [Browse Session]
    CTu1I - Optical Frequency Combs [Browse Session]
    CTu1K - High Power Fiber Lasers [Browse Session]
    CTu1L - Photonic Integration and Interconnects [Browse Session]
    CTu1O - Challenges for High Average Power Lasers I [Browse Session]
    CTu2D - Laser Technologies for High-intensity Laser Facilities [Browse Session]
    CTu2E - NLO in Fibers [Browse Session]
    CTu2F - Silicon Photonic Modulators [Browse Session]
    CTu2G - Microwave Photonics I [Browse Session]
    CTu2H - Measurements in Extreme Environments [Browse Session]
    CTu2I - Frequency Combs: Applications [Browse Session]
    CTu2J - Technologies for Access & Datacom Networking [Browse Session]
    CTu2K - What's (really) New in Fibers? [Browse Session]
    CTu2M - Imaging & Microscopy I [Browse Session]
    CTu3D - Short-wave IR Lasers and Laser Beam Propagation [Browse Session]
    CTu3E - Advanced NLO Concepts [Browse Session]
    CTu3F - Silicon Photonics [Browse Session]
    CTu3G - Microwave Photonics II [Browse Session]
    CTu3H - Novel Trace Gas Sensing [Browse Session]
    CTu3I - Precision Spectroscopy [Browse Session]
    CTu3J - Novel Pulse Generation and Synthesis [Browse Session]
    CTu3K - Structured Fibers and Structured Light [Browse Session]
    CTu3L - Nanophotonics in Optical Communications [Browse Session]
    CTu3N - Imaging & Microscopy II [Browse Session]
    CW1B - SHG and Parametric Devices [Browse Session]
    CW1F - Opto-mechanical Systems I [Browse Session]
    CW1G - Mode-locked Semiconductor Lasers [Browse Session]
    CW1H - Ultrashort Pulse Measurement [Browse Session]
    CW1K - Manipulation & Detection of THz Radiation [Browse Session]
    CW1L - Quantum Cascade Lasers [Browse Session]
    CW1M - Infrared Fiber Lasers [Browse Session]
    CW1O - Optical Materials and Devices I [Browse Session]
    CW3B - Nonlinear Optical Materials [Browse Session]
    CW3F - Opto-mechanical Systems II [Browse Session]
    CW3G - Nano and Polariton Lasers [Browse Session]
    CW3H - Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics [Browse Session]
    CW3K - Advanced THz Emission Mechanisms [Browse Session]
    CW3L - Atmospheric Sensing [Browse Session]
    CW3M - Single Frequency Fiber Lasers [Browse Session]
    CW3O - Optical Materials and Devices II [Browse Session]
    JF1K - Nonlinear THz Science and Technology I [Browse Session]
    JF2K - Nonlinear THz Science and Technology II [Browse Session]
    JF2L - Opto-genetics and Optical Control of Biological Processes [Browse Session]
    JM1O - Light Sources for Optical Coherence Tomography [Browse Session]
    JM2A - Novel Optics in Plasmonic and Hyperbolic Systems [Browse Session]
    JM2N - Optical Resonators for Laser Systems and Metrology [Browse Session]
    JM2O - Multimodal Imaging: Light Sources and Applications [Browse Session]
    JM3A - Optics of Low-dimensional and Quantum Structures [Browse Session]
    JM3K - Mid-infrared Laser Sources I [Browse Session]
    JM3O - New Advances in Solid State and Semiconductor Lasers [Browse Session]
    JM4K - Mid-infrared Laser Sources II [Browse Session]
    JTh2A - POSTER SESSION III: Light-Matter Interactions, ultrafast & Quantum Optics [Browse Session]
    JTu1J - Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers [Browse Session]
    JTu3B - Advances in Extreme UV Science and Applications I [Browse Session]
    JTu4A - POSTER SESSION I: Nanophotonics, Lightwave Communications and Biophotonics Poster Session [Browse Session]
    JW1D - Advances in Extreme UV Science and Applications II [Browse Session]
    JW1J - High Power Diode Laser Arrays I [Browse Session]
    JW2A - Applications and Technology Oral Session [Browse Session]
    JW2A - POSTER SESSION II: Energy, Sensing, and Nonlinear Optics [Browse Session]
    JW3J - High Power Diode Laser Arrays II [Browse Session]

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