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International Quantum Electronics Conference

    Munich, Germany
    June 17, 2007
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    CJ2 - Short pulse fibre lasers II [Browse Session]
    CJ4 - High power fibre lasers [Browse Session]
    CJ7 - Fibre Raman lasers [Browse Session]
    CP2 - CLEO┬«/Europe Postdeadlines [Browse Session]
    IA - Posters [Browse Session]
    IA1 - Atom chips [Browse Session]
    IA2 - Microfabricated structures for atomic vapour [Browse Session]
    IA4 - Posters [Browse Session]
    IB - Posters [Browse Session]
    IB - Spectroscopic applications of ultracold atoms and molecules [Browse Session]
    IB1 - Condensed matter physics with quantum gases [Browse Session]
    IB2 - Optical lattices [Browse Session]
    IB3 - Novel trapping and cooling schemes [Browse Session]
    IB4 - Spectroscopic applications of ultracold atoms and molecules [Browse Session]
    IB5 - Correlations in bosonic and fermionic quantum gases [Browse Session]
    IB6 - Novel interactions in ultracold gases [Browse Session]
    IC - Posters [Browse Session]
    IC1 - Joint session IB, IC & IF Quantum information theory [Browse Session]
    IC2 - Joint Session IC & IF Atoms and photons in a cavity [Browse Session]
    IC3 - Control of matter qubits [Browse Session]
    IC4 - Conditional preparation of photonic quantum states [Browse Session]
    IC5 - Joint Session IA & IC & IF Optomechanical control and entanglement [Browse Session]
    IC6 - Quantum cryptography [Browse Session]
    ID - Posters [Browse Session]
    ID1 - Optics at the micro- and nano-scale [Browse Session]
    ID2 - High precision metrology [Browse Session]
    ID3 - From spectroscopy to relativity [Browse Session]
    IE - Posters [Browse Session]
    IE1 - Strong light-matter interactions [Browse Session]
    IE2 - Frequency mixing and harmonic generation [Browse Session]
    IE3 - Ultrafast dynamics of excitonic systems [Browse Session]
    IE4 - Slow light and resonant systems [Browse Session]
    IE5 - Coherent dynamics [Browse Session]
    IE6 - Pulse propagation and temporal solitons [Browse Session]
    IE7 - Spatial solitons [Browse Session]
    IF - Posters [Browse Session]
    IF1 - Joint session IC&IF Quantum repeaters and memory [Browse Session]
    IF2 - Quantum imaging [Browse Session]
    IF3 - Joint session IA, IC & IF Quantum dots [Browse Session]
    IF4 - Measurements at the quantum level [Browse Session]
    IF5 - Squeezing [Browse Session]
    IF6 - Quantum optics with single emitters [Browse Session]
    IF7 - Joint Session IA, IC & IF - QED with quantum dots [Browse Session]
    IF8 - Quantum optics in matter [Browse Session]
    IG - Posters [Browse Session]
    IG1 - Semiconductor cavity solitons [Browse Session]
    IG2 - Vortices and complexity [Browse Session]
    IG3 - Dissipative solitons [Browse Session]
    IG4 - Dynamics in novel microsystems [Browse Session]
    IG5 - Dynamics in novel systems [Browse Session]
    IG6 - Instabilities in semiconductor lasers [Browse Session]
    IP1 - Postdeadline Papers [Browse Session]
    JSI - Posters [Browse Session]
    JSI1 - Chaos-based cryptography [Browse Session]
    JSI2 - Quantum-based cryptography [Browse Session]
    JSI3 - Novel devices and methods for photonic cryptography [Browse Session]
    JSII - Posters [Browse Session]
    JSII1 - Tailoring light-matter interactions [Browse Session]
    JSII2 - Nano-Photonics [Browse Session]
    JSII3 - Metamaterials - I [Browse Session]
    JSII4 - Metamaterials - II [Browse Session]
    JSIII - Posters [Browse Session]
    JSIII1 - Applications of optical frequency combs [Browse Session]
    JSIII1 - Optical frequency comb generation [Browse Session]
    JSIII2 - Applications of optical frequency combs [Browse Session]
    JSP1 - CLEO┬«/Europe Postdeadlines [Browse Session]

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