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The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics

    Munich Germany
    May 22-26, 2011
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    CA - CA Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CA1 - Novel Laser Materials [Browse Session]
    CA10 - Ytterbium Solid State Lasers I [Browse Session]
    CA11 - Ytterbium Solid State Lasers II [Browse Session]
    CA12 - Non Linear Solid State State Light Sources [Browse Session]
    CA2 - Visible Solid State Lasers [Browse Session]
    CA3 - Mid-Infrared Solid State Lasers [Browse Session]
    CA4 - High Energy 1┬Ám Solid State Lasers [Browse Session]
    CA5 - Applications of Solid State Lasers [Browse Session]
    CA6 - High Average Power Ultrafast Lasers [Browse Session]
    CA7 - Solid State Micro Lasers [Browse Session]
    CA8 - Visible and Infrared Solid State Lasers [Browse Session]
    CA9 - Novel Laserbeam Control [Browse Session]
    CB - CB Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CB1 - Modulation of Semi Conductor Lasers [Browse Session]
    CB10 - Short Pulse Generation in VECSELs [Browse Session]
    CB11 - DFB Lasers and VCSELs [Browse Session]
    CB12 - Mode-Locking in Semiconductor Laser [Browse Session]
    CB2 - Semiconductor Ring Lasers [Browse Session]
    CB3 - Mode-Locking in Quantum-Dot Lasers [Browse Session]
    CB4 - Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers [Browse Session]
    CB5 - Instabilities in Semiconductor Lasers (Joint Session CB-EH) [Browse Session]
    CB6 - VECSELs and Disk Lasers: Extended Wavelength Range [Browse Session]
    CB7 - GaN-based and High-Power Semiconductor Lasers [Browse Session]
    CB8 - Integration Technologies for Semiconductor Lasers [Browse Session]
    CB9 - Coherences, Correlation and Noise [Browse Session]
    CC - CC Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CC1 - THz Quantum Cascade Lasers [Browse Session]
    CC2 - THz Quantum Cascade Lasers and Spectroscopy [Browse Session]
    CC3 - Nonlinear Terahertz Dynamics [Browse Session]
    CC4 - THz Systems and Components [Browse Session]
    CD - CD Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CD1 - New Nonlinear-Optical Techniques [Browse Session]
    CD10 - Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials [Browse Session]
    CD11 - Optical Parametric Oscillators [Browse Session]
    CD2 - Ultrafast Nonlinear Spectroscopy [Browse Session]
    CD3 - Integrated Optical Devices [Browse Session]
    CD4 - Pulse Shaping and Waveform Control [Browse Session]
    CD5 - Applications of Optical Solitons [Browse Session]
    CD6 - Nonlinear Nanophotonics [Browse Session]
    CD7 - Nonlinear Optics with Photonic Crystal Fibers I [Browse Session]
    CD8 - Nonlinear Optics with Photonic Crystal Fibers II [Browse Session]
    CD9 - Infrared Parametric Sources [Browse Session]
    CE - CE Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CE1 - Material Fabrication and Characterization [Browse Session]
    CE2 - Nanophotonic Materials [Browse Session]
    CE3 - Rare-Earth Doped Laser Materials [Browse Session]
    CE4 - Microstructured Fibers [Browse Session]
    CE5 - Nano-and Micro-Resonators [Browse Session]
    CE6 - Ferroelectric Domains and Nanocrystals [Browse Session]
    CE7 - Organic Materials for Lasers and Photonics [Browse Session]
    CE8 - Microfabrication [Browse Session]
    CE9 - Photonic Crystal Waveguides [Browse Session]
    CF - CF Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CF1 - Pulse Compressors and CEP Stabilization [Browse Session]
    CF2 - Ultrafast Fiber Oscillators and Amplifiers [Browse Session]
    CF3 - Supercontinuum Generation and Ultrafast Spectroscopy [Browse Session]
    CF4 - Novel Trends in Ultrashort Pulse Dynamics [Browse Session]
    CF5 - Ultrashort Pulse Characterization [Browse Session]
    CF6 - Nonlinear Conversion and Parametric Ampflification [Browse Session]
    CF7 - Femtosecond Filamentation and Applications [Browse Session]
    CF8 - Developments in Ultrafast Light Sources [Browse Session]
    CG - CG Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CG1 - Controlling and Tracing Ionization Dynamics [Browse Session]
    CG2 - Filamentation and Collective Electron Effect [Browse Session]
    CG3 - Imaging with Ultra-High Spatial and Temporal Resolution [Browse Session]
    CG4 - Radiation Sources for High Field Physics [Browse Session]
    CG5 - High Harmonic and Attosecond Generation [Browse Session]
    CH - CH Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CH1 - Spectroscopic and Chemical Sensors [Browse Session]
    CH2 - Innovative Photonic Sensors [Browse Session]
    CH3 - Modern Imaging Techniques [Browse Session]
    CH4 - Modern Bio-Photonic Sensing [Browse Session]
    CH5 - Optical Measurement Techniques [Browse Session]
    CH6 - Optical Fiber Sensors [Browse Session]
    CI - CI Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CI1 - Phase-sensitive Regeneration and Detection [Browse Session]
    CI2 - Nonlinear Techniques for Communications [Browse Session]
    CI3 - Novel Communication Techniques and Demonstrations [Browse Session]
    CI4 - Integrated Devices for Communications [Browse Session]
    CJ - CJ Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CJ1 - Raman and Erbium Fiber Lasers [Browse Session]
    CJ10 - Waveguide Structure and Lasers [Browse Session]
    CJ2 - Waveguide and Fiber Laser Components [Browse Session]
    CJ3 - Nonlinear Effects in Laser Fibers [Browse Session]
    CJ4 - Short Pulse Fiber Amplifiers [Browse Session]
    CJ5 - Mode-Locked Fiber Oscillators [Browse Session]
    CJ6 - Frontiers and Novel Concepts in Fiber Lasers [Browse Session]
    CJ7 - Narrow Linewidth Fiber Sources [Browse Session]
    CJ8 - Wavelength Diversity in Fiber Lasers [Browse Session]
    CJ9 - Coherent Combining and Spartial Mode Control in Fibers [Browse Session]
    CK - CK Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CK1 - Photonic Crystal Nanocavities [Browse Session]
    CK2 - Silicon Photonics [Browse Session]
    CK3 - Plasmonics and Optical Antennas [Browse Session]
    CK4 - Lasing in Micro-Nano-Structures [Browse Session]
    CK5 - Integrated Micro-Nano-Photonics [Browse Session]
    CK6 - Active and Nonlinear Nanophotonics [Browse Session]
    CK7 - Light Propagation in Complex Nanostructures [Browse Session]
    CK8 - Photonic Crystal Devices [Browse Session]
    CK9 - Materials and Phenomena in Micro-Nano Structures [Browse Session]
    CLEB - CLEB Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CLEB1 - Medical Imaging (Session jointly held with ECBO) [Browse Session]
    CLEB2 - Advanced Microscopy [Browse Session]
    CLEB3 - Advanced Biophotonics: Sensing and Imaging (Session jointly held with ECBO) [Browse Session]
    CLEB4 - Laser Writing, Structuring and Nanosurgery [Browse Session]
    CLEB5 - Optical Forces and Imaging [Browse Session]
    CM - CM Poster Session [Browse Session]
    CM1 - Generation of Nanoparticles and Nanofeatures [Browse Session]
    CM2 - Ultrafast Laser Micro/Nano Processing [Browse Session]
    CM3 - Femtosecond Laser-induced Refractive Index Modifications [Browse Session]
    CM4 - Laser Microprocessing [Browse Session]
    CM5 - Laser Interactions with Dielectries and Metals [Browse Session]
    CM6 - Materials Processing with Ultrashort Laser Pulses (Session jointly held with LIM) [Browse Session]
    JSI - JSI Poster session [Browse Session]
    JSI1 - Quantum Optomechanics - From Fundamentals to Applications I [Browse Session]
    JSI2 - Quantum Optomechanics - From Fundamentals to Applications II [Browse Session]
    JSII1 - Low Dimensional Carbon Nano-Structures in Photonics I [Browse Session]
    JSII2 - Low Dimensional Carbon Nano-Structures in Photonics II [Browse Session]
    JSIII - JSIII Poster Session [Browse Session]
    JSIII1 - Astrophotonics Applications [Browse Session]
    JSIII2 - Astrophotonics Technologies [Browse Session]
    JSIV1 - Waveguide-based Sensing [Browse Session]
    JSIV2 - Novel Optical Biosensors [Browse Session]
    PDA - Post-Deadline Session A [Browse Session]
    PDB - Post-Deadline Session B [Browse Session]
    PL1 - CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2011 Plenary Session 1 [Browse Session]
    PL2 - World of Photonics Opening Session with Plenary Talk [Browse Session]
    PL3 - CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2011 Plenary Session 2 and Awards Ceremonies [Browse Session]
    TF1 - Fibre Lasers in Material Processing (Session jointly held with LIM) [Browse Session]
    TF2 - Novel Fibre Lasers and Applications (Session jointly held with LIM) [Browse Session]

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