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Photonics Research
总编辑:周治平(音,英文名 James )教授,北京大学




P. W. M. Tsang, T.-C. Poon, J.-P. Liu, and W. C. Situ
Review of holographic-based three-dimensional object recognition techniques [Invited]
Applied Optics

Meng-Wei Lin, Pin-Hsuan Hsieh, Erik C. Chang, and Yi-Chun Chen
Flicker-glare and visual-comfort assessments of light emitting diode billboards
Applied Optics

Xiang Zhang, Yi Wang, Bin Liu, Chunhua Wang, Zhen Xiang, and Chong Liu
Fiber-solid, hybrid, single-frequency laser (100  W) with a 100  MHz repetition rate and 1  ns pulse width from a spherical aberration compensated four-stage Nd:YVO4 amplifier
Applied Optics

Hao Liu, Ai-Ping Luo, Fu-Zao Wang, Rui Tang, Meng Liu, Zhi-Chao Luo, Wen-Cheng Xu, Chu-Jun Zhao, and Han Zhang
Femtosecond pulse erbium-doped fiber laser by a few-layer MoS2 saturable absorber
Optics Letters

Chao Li, Chengcheng Gui, Xi Xiao, Qi Yang, Shaohua Yu, and Jian Wang
On-chip all-optical wavelength conversion of multicarrier, multilevel modulation (OFDM m-QAM) signals using a silicon waveguide
Optics Letters


Natan T. Shaked, Barak Katz, and Joseph Rosen
Review of three-dimensional holographic imaging by multiple-viewpoint-projection based methods
Applied Optics

Seung-Cheol Kim, Seok-Chan Park, and Eun-Soo Kim
Computational integral-imaging reconstruction-based 3-D volumetric target object recognition by using a 3-D reference object
Applied Optics

Donald C. Hood, Ali S. Raza, Kristine Y. Kay, Shlomit F. Sandler, Daiyan Xin, Robert Ritch, and Jeffrey M. Liebmann
A comparison of retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness obtained with frequency and time domain optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Optics Express

A. M. Davis, F. G. Rothenberg, N. Shepherd, and J. A. Izatt
In vivo spectral domain optical coherence tomography volumetric imaging and spectral Doppler velocimetry of early stage embryonic chicken heart development

C. Ahlers and U. Schmidt-Erfurth
Three-dimensional high resolution OCT imaging of macular pathology
Optics Express




主编:周治平 教授, 北京大学

Photonics Research (PR) 是由中国激光杂志社(CLP)和美国光学学会(OSA)联合创办的同行评议、开放存取(OA)期刊。PR发表原创研究性论文和优秀综述,内容涉及理论分析与应用研究,发文范围覆盖光学及光子学所有领域。
  • 新材料和工程结构
  • 激光器,LED以及其他光源
  • 太阳能和光伏
  • 成像,探测器和传感器
  • 光电子器件和集成
  • 光存储和显示
  • 光传输、作用与行为的物理学
  • 衍射光学和导波光学
  • 量子光学
  • 等离子激元学
  • 紫外和X射线
  • 集成光学和微纳光子学
  • 傅里叶光学和信号处理
  • 有机和聚合物光学
  • 医用光学和生物光子学
  • 光纤光学和光通信
  • 太赫兹技术
  • 光谱学和干涉测量术
  • 仪器、测量、计量

   E-mail: prjournal@osa.org or prjournal@siom.ac.cn

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