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Photonics Research
总编辑:周治平(音,英文名 James )教授,北京大学



Applied Optics and Photonics China / China
5 May - 7 May 2015

Digital Holography & 3-D Imaging (DH) / China
24 May - 28 May 2015

Photonics for Energy (PFE) / China
16 Jun - 19 Jun 2015

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Zhiwu Zhu, Feng Shi, Xiangai Cheng, Chao Shen, Wen Wan, and Ye Tian
Variation of coating transmission under intense laser irradiation
Chinese Optics Letters

Wangzi Ma, Dawei Zhang, Linwei Zhu, and Jiannong Chen
Super-long longitudinal magnetization needle generated by focusing an azimuthally polarized and phase-modulated beam
Chinese Optics Letters

Cheng Wang, Changchun Yan, Jiebing Tian, Ying Han, Rongyuan Zou, Dongdong Li, and Daohua Zhang
Actively tunable metamaterial resonators based on colossal magnetoresistance in the infrared regime
Chinese Optics Letters

Wenchao Wang, Fei Tang, Xuanyi Yuan, Chaoyang Ma, Wang Guo, and Yongge Cao
Fabrication and properties of tape-casting transparent Ho:Y3Al5O12 ceramic
Chinese Optics Letters

Zhi Luo, Ji’an Duan, Cong Wang, Xiaoyan Sun, and Kai Yin
Resonant ablation rules of femtosecond laser on Pr–Nd doped silicate glass
Chinese Optics Letters


Dapeng Ding, Michiel J. A. de Dood, Jared F. Bauters, Martijn J. R. Heck, John E. Bowers, and Dirk Bouwmeester
Fano resonances in a multimode waveguide coupled to a high-Q silicon nitride ring resonator
Optics Express

Pinghua Tang, Jun Liu, Bin Huang, Changwen Xu, Chujun Zhao, and Shuangchun Wen
Stable and wavelength-locked Q-switched narrow-linewidth Er:YAG laser at 1645 nm
Optics Express

Gen Lai, Ruisheng Liang, Yujing Zhang, Zhenyu Bian, Lixuan Yi, Guangzhi Zhan, and Ruitong Zhao
Double plasmonic nanodisks design for electromagnetically induced transparency and slow light
Optics Express

Xianlong Liu, Fei Wang, Minghui Zhang, and Yangjian Cai
Experimental demonstration of ghost imaging with an electromagnetic Gaussian Schell-model beam

Kan Wu, Xiaoyan Zhang, Jun Wang, Xing Li, and Jianping Chen
WS2 as a saturable absorber for ultrafast photonic applications of mode-locked and Q-switched lasers
Optics Express




主编:周治平 教授, 北京大学

Photonics Research (PR) 是由中国激光杂志社(CLP)和美国光学学会(OSA)联合创办的同行评议、开放存取(OA)期刊。PR发表原创研究性论文和优秀综述,内容涉及理论分析与应用研究,发文范围覆盖光学及光子学所有领域。
  • 新材料和工程结构
  • 激光器,LED以及其他光源
  • 太阳能和光伏
  • 成像,探测器和传感器
  • 光电子器件和集成
  • 光存储和显示
  • 光传输、作用与行为的物理学
  • 衍射光学和导波光学
  • 量子光学
  • 等离子激元学
  • 紫外和X射线
  • 集成光学和微纳光子学
  • 傅里叶光学和信号处理
  • 有机和聚合物光学
  • 医用光学和生物光子学
  • 光纤光学和光通信
  • 太赫兹技术
  • 光谱学和干涉测量术
  • 仪器、测量、计量

   E-mail: prjournal@osa.org or prjournal@siom.ac.cn


APRIL 17, 2015
MARCH 20, 2015
JANUARY 22, 2015
DECEMBER 18, 2014
NOVEMBER 18, 2014
OCTOBER 23, 2014
AUGUST 8, 2014
JULY 15, 2014
JULY 14, 2014
JULY 13, 2014
JULY 12, 2014
JULY 11, 2014
JULY 10, 2014
JULY 31, 2013
MAY 30, 2013
MAY 29, 2013
MAY 1, 2013

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