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Journal of Lightwave Technology

Journal of Lightwave Technology


  • Vol. 24, Iss. 12 — Dec. 1, 2006
  • pp: 4628–4641

Microwave Photonics

Alwyn J. Seeds and Keith J. Williams

Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 24, Issue 12, pp. 4628-4641 (2006)

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The low-loss wide bandwidth capability of opto-electronic systems makes them attractive for the transmission and processing of microwave signals, while the development of high-capacity optical communication systems has required the use of microwave techniques in optical transmitters and receivers. These two strands have led to the development of the research area of microwave photonics. This paper reviews the development status of microwave photonic devices, describes their systems applications, and suggests some likely areas for future development.

© 2006 IEEE

Alwyn J. Seeds and Keith J. Williams, "Microwave Photonics," J. Lightwave Technol. 24, 4628-4641 (2006)

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