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Journal of Lightwave Technology

Journal of Lightwave Technology


  • Vol. 28, Iss. 22 — Nov. 15, 2010
  • pp: 3273–3281

Design of Ge–SiGe Quantum-Confined Stark Effect Electroabsorption Heterostructures for CMOS Compatible Photonics

Leon Lever, Zoran Ikonić, Alex Valavanis, Jonathan D. Cooper, and Robert W. Kelsall

Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 28, Issue 22, pp. 3273-3281 (2010)

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We describe a combined 6 x 6 k · p and one-band effective mass modelling tool to calculate absorption spectra in Ge–SiGe multiple quantum well (MQW) heterostructures. We find good agreement with experimentally measured absorption spectra of Ge–SiGe MQW structures described previously in the literature, proving its predictive capability, and the simulation tool is used for the analysis and design of electroabsorption modulators. We employ strain-engineering in Ge–SiGe MQW systems to design structures for modulation at 1310 nm and 1550 nm.

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Leon Lever, Zoran Ikonić, Alex Valavanis, Jonathan D. Cooper, and Robert W. Kelsall, "Design of Ge–SiGe Quantum-Confined Stark Effect Electroabsorption Heterostructures for CMOS Compatible Photonics," J. Lightwave Technol. 28, 3273-3281 (2010)

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