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Journal of Lightwave Technology

Journal of Lightwave Technology


  • Vol. 31, Iss. 7 — Apr. 1, 2013
  • pp: 1023–1032

All-Digital Holographic Tool for Mode Excitation and Analysis in Optical Fibers

Daniel Flamm, Christian Schulze, Darryl Naidoo, Siegmund Schröter, Andrew Forbes, and Michael Duparré

Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 31, Issue 7, pp. 1023-1032 (2013)

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A procedure for the μltiplexing and deμltiplexing of modes in optical fibers with digital holograms is presented. By using a spatial light modulator (SLM) to encode a digital hologram, the desired complex field is shaped and injected into the fiber. The SLM's ability to rapidly refresh the encoded transmission function enables one to excite pure single modes, as well as arbitrary coherent mode superpositions, in real-time. The modes from the output of the fiber are subsequently deμltipexed by applying a correlation filter for modal decomposition, thus allowing for an all-digital-hologram approach to modal analysis of fibers. The working principle is tested using conventional step-index large mode area fibers being excited with higher-order single modes and superpositions.

© 2013 IEEE

Daniel Flamm, Christian Schulze, Darryl Naidoo, Siegmund Schröter, Andrew Forbes, and Michael Duparré, "All-Digital Holographic Tool for Mode Excitation and Analysis in Optical Fibers," J. Lightwave Technol. 31, 1023-1032 (2013)

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