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Journal of Lightwave Technology

Journal of Lightwave Technology


  • Vol. 32, Iss. 6 — Mar. 15, 2014
  • pp: 1221–1227

Guided-Mode Analysis of Tamm-Plasmon Polariton at Metal–Heterostructure Dielectric Interface

Ritwick Das, Awanish Pandey, Triranjita Srivastava, and Rajan Jha

Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 32, Issue 6, pp. 1221-1227 (2014)

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We present a comprehensive analysis for transverse electric (TE) and transverse magnetic (TM) polarized guided Tamm-plasmon polariton (TPP) mode at metal–heterostructure media interface. We explicitly show that the quarter-wavelength stack condition will not be satisfied for TE or TM polarized TPP mode due to the existence of null-point at metal–heterostructure media boundary. Therefore, we propose an alternate route to design TPP waveguide by solving the mode-dispersion relation for different geometrical parameters in a $TiO_2/SiO_2$ bilayer system. The guided TPP-modes (TE and TM) exhibit interesting dispersion characteristics which can be tailored as per the desired application. The group index of TM polarized TPP mode remains constant over a significant wavelength range which results into zero group-velocity dispersion (GVD) at λ ≈ 630 nm wavelength. Also, the propagation length for TM-polarized TPP modes vary between $25\,\mu {m}$ to $50\,\mu {m}$ in a 630–650 nm wavelength range. However, the variation of GVD for TE-modes exhibit a monotonic variation with an exceptionally large ${GVD}\;\approx -3\times 10^{4}\,{ps}/{km $\cdot $ nm}$ around $\lambda =632.8\;{nm}$ .

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Ritwick Das, Awanish Pandey, Triranjita Srivastava, and Rajan Jha, "Guided-Mode Analysis of Tamm-Plasmon Polariton at Metal–Heterostructure Dielectric Interface," J. Lightwave Technol. 32, 1221-1227 (2014)

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