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OSA's Digital Library, Optics InfoBase, provides desktop access to more than 200,000 articles and proceedings from over 360 conferences and represents the largest peer-reviewed collection of optics and photonics research. As a subscriber you will have complete access to full-text articles in addition to automatic reference linking between OSA articles and out to other publishers' articles. See the listing of the Optics InfoBase content.

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Subscriptions are offered on a calendar-year basis. Subscription options include online-only access or online plus print to journal titles. Print-only and multi-journal combination packages are available as well as options for access to the entire Optics InfoBase or Optics InfoBase Premium Collections or to the Conference Paper collection. Complete ordering and pricing information is available in OSA's Library Resource Center.

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OSA members receive discounts on InfoBase subscriptions and pay-per-view purchases. Join today! Membership and member subscriptions are based on an anniversary date vs calendar-year subscription.
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