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Journal of the Optical Society of America A


  • Vol. 14, Iss. 5 — May. 1, 1997
  • pp: 1124–1136

Design of high-efficiency dielectric reflection gratings

B. W. Shore, M. D. Perry, J. A. Britten, R. D. Boyd, M. D. Feit, H. T. Nguyen, R. Chow, G. E. Loomis, and Lifeng Li  »View Author Affiliations

JOSA A, Vol. 14, Issue 5, pp. 1124-1136 (1997)

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We discuss examples of designs for all-dielectric reflection gratings that tolerate high intensity and are potentially capable of placing up to 99% of the incident light into a single diffraction order, such as are needed for contemporary high-power lasers utilizing chirped-pulse amplification. The designs are based on placing a dielectric transmission grating atop a high-reflectivity (HR) multilayer dielectric stack. We comment on the connection between transmission gratings and reflection gratings and note that the grating and the HR stack can, to a degree, be treated independently. Because many combinations of gratings and multilayer stacks offer high efficiency, it is possible to attain secondary objectives in the design. We describe examples of such designs aimed toward improving fabrication and lowering the susceptibility to laser-induced damage. We present examples of the dependence of grating efficiency on grating characteristics. We describe examples of high-efficiency (95%) gratings that we have fabricated by using hafnia and silica multilayers.

© 1997 Optical Society of America

Original Manuscript: February 29, 1996
Revised Manuscript: August 26, 1996
Manuscript Accepted: November 11, 1996
Published: May 1, 1997

B. W. Shore, M. D. Perry, J. A. Britten, R. D. Boyd, M. D. Feit, H. T. Nguyen, R. Chow, G. E. Loomis, and Lifeng Li, "Design of high-efficiency dielectric reflection gratings," J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 14, 1124-1136 (1997)

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