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The Journal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A) is devoted to developments in any field of classical optics, image science, and vision. JOSA A includes original peer-reviewed papers on such topics as atmospheric optics, clinical vision, coherence and statistical optics, color, image processing, machine vision, scattering, and visual optics.

Editor-in-Chief: Franco Gori, Universita degli Studi Roma Tre
ISSN: 1084-7529 | eISSN: 1520-8532
Frequency: Rapid article-at-a-time publication; Monthly issues
2013 Impact Factor: 1.448

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Enforcing symmetries in boundary element formulation of plasmonic and second-harmonic scattering problems
The study of metal nanoparticles and metamaterials has increased the demand for accurate and efficient... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2821-2832 (2014)

Inverse source in the presence of a reflecting plane for the strip case
In this paper the inverse source problem in the presence of a reflecting plane is dealt with for a... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2814-2820 (2014)

Robust block sparse discriminative classification framework
In this paper, a block sparse discriminative classification framework (BSDC) is proposed under the assumption... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2806-2813 (2014)

Standard deviation of luminance distribution affects lightness and pupillary response
We examined whether the standard deviation (SD) of luminance distribution serves as information of... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2795-2805 (2014)

Equivalence relations and symmetries for laboratory, LIDAR, and planetary Müeller matrix scattering geometries
Symmetry relationships for optical observations of matter generally fall into several common scattering... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2789-2794 (2014)

Two-flux transfer matrix model for predicting the reflectance and transmittance of duplex halftone prints
We introduce a model allowing convenient calculation of the spectral reflectance and transmittance of duplex... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2775-2788 (2014)

Anti-aliasing Wiener filtering for wave-front reconstruction in the spatial-frequency domain for high-order astronomical adaptive-optics systems
Computationally efficient wave-front reconstruction techniques for astronomical adaptive-optics (AO) systems... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2763-2774 (2014)

Manipulation of dielectric particles with nondiffracting parabolic beams
The trapping and manipulation of microscopic particles embedded in the structure of nondiffracting parabolic... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2759-2762 (2014)

Degree of polarization of a tightly focused, partially coherent anomalous hollow beam
By using the Richards–Wolf vector diffraction theory, the formulas of the propagation of a linearly... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2753-2758 (2014)

Circular Bessel statistics: derivation and application to wave propagation in random media
We present a family of circular Bessel probability density functions that are capable of describing the... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2744-2752 (2014)

From a nondepolarizing Mueller matrix to a depolarizing Mueller matrix
The depolarizing properties of a generic Mueller matrix are synthesized from a corresponding nondepolarizing... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2736-2743 (2014)

Holographic laser Doppler imaging of microvascular blood flow
We report on local superficial blood flow monitoring in biological tissue from laser Doppler holographic... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2723-2735 (2014)

Foucault test: shadowgram modeling from the physical theory for quantitative evaluations
The physical theory of the Foucault test has been investigated to represent the complex amplitude and... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 12, pp.2719-2722 (2014)

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In Progress

Advances in Lithography
  • Andreas Erdmann, Apo Sezginer
  • In Progress (no new submissions accepted)


Color Vision
  • Steven L. Buck, Rigmor Baraas, Valérie Bonnardel, Barry B. Lee, Delwin T. Lindsey, Michael A. Webster, and John S. Werner
  • Published
Color Vision
  • Rigmor Baraas, Steven L. Buck, Barry B. Lee, Michael A. Webster, and John S. Werner
  • Published
Adaptive Optics
  • Julian Christou, Brent Ellerbroek, Thierry Fusco, and Donald Miller
  • Published
Ideal Observers and Efficiency
  • Craig Abbey, Jason Gold, Daniel Kersten, and Bosco Tjan
  • Publilshed
Optical High-Performance Computing
  • H. John Caulfield, Shlomi Dolev, and William M. J. Green
  • Published
Interactive Science Publishing
  • Stephen A. Burns and Joseph Izatt
  • Published
Image Quality
  • Matthew Kupinski, Andrew Watson, Jeffrey Siewerdsen, Kyle Myers, and Miguel Eckstein
  • Publlished
Photonic Metamaterials: from Random to Periodic
  • Vladimir M. Shalaev, Azriel Genack, and Evgenii Narimanov
  • Published
Advances in Retinal Imaging
  • Joseph Carroll, Wolfgang Drexler, and Austin Roorda
  • Published

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