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The Journal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A) is devoted to developments in any field of classical optics, image science, and vision. JOSA A includes original peer-reviewed papers on such topics as atmospheric optics, clinical vision, coherence and statistical optics, color, image processing, machine vision, scattering, and visual optics.

Editor-in-Chief: Franco Gori, Universita degli Studi Roma Tre
ISSN: 1084-7529 | eISSN: 1520-8532
Frequency: Rapid article-at-a-time publication; Monthly issues
2013 Impact Factor: 1.448

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An improved algorithm to reduce noise in high-order thermal ghost imaging
A modified Nth-order correlation function is derived that can effectively remove the noise background... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2105-2108 (2014)

Solution to the bundle-to-bundle mapping problem of geometric optics using four freeform reflectors
Here we present a method for the coupled design of four freeform reflective surfaces that will control a... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2097-2104 (2014)

Generation and propagation of partially coherent beams with nonconventional correlation functions: a review [Invited]
Partially coherent beams with nonconventional correlation functions have displayed many extraordinary... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2083-2096 (2014)

Nonideal ultrathin mantle cloak for electrically large conducting cylinders
Based on the concept of the scattering cancellation technique, we propose a nonideal ultrathin mantle cloak... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2075-2082 (2014)

3D confinement of the focal spot of plasmonic Fresnel zone plate lens using gold bowtie nanoantenna
By using a gold bowtie nanoantenna at the focal plane of a plasmonic Fresnel zone plate lens, we numerically... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2070-2074 (2014)

Real-time dispersion-compensated image reconstruction for compressive sensing spectral domain optical coherence tomography
In this work, we propose a novel dispersion compensation method that enables real-time compressive sensing... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2064-2069 (2014)

Bidirectional reflectance distribution function based surface modeling of non-Lambertian using intensity data of light detection and ranging
To provide a credible model for light detection and ranging (LiDAR) target classification, the focus of this... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2055-2063 (2014)

Focal plane internal energy flows of singular beams in astigmatically aberrated low numerical aperture systems
Singular beams have circulating energy components. When such beams are focused by low numerical aperture... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2046-2054 (2014)

Partially coherent beam propagation in atmospheric turbulence [Invited]
Partially coherent beams hold much promise in free-space optical communications for their resistance to the... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2038-2045 (2014)

Temporal power spectra of irradiance scintillation for infrared optical waves’ propagation through marine atmospheric turbulence
Current theoretical temporal power spectra models of an optical wave have been developed for terrestrial... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2030-2037 (2014)

Transformational volume holography
We analyze the bulk elastic transformation of volume holograms as a general approach for three-dimensional... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2021-2029 (2014)

Realization of first-order optical systems using thin convex lenses of fixed focal length
A general axially symmetric first-order optical system is realized using free propagation and thin convex... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2011-2020 (2014)

On the instrument profile of slit spectrographs
We derive an analytic expression for the instrument profile of a slit spectrograph, also known as the line... JOSA A, Vol. 31 Issue 9, pp.2002-2010 (2014)

In Progress

Advances in Lithography
  • Andreas Erdmann, Apo Sezginer
  • In Progress (no new submissions accepted)


Color Vision
  • Rigmor Baraas, Steven L. Buck, Barry B. Lee, Michael A. Webster, and John S. Werner
  • Published
Adaptive Optics
  • Julian Christou, Brent Ellerbroek, Thierry Fusco, and Donald Miller
  • Published
Ideal Observers and Efficiency
  • Craig Abbey, Jason Gold, Daniel Kersten, and Bosco Tjan
  • Publilshed
Optical High-Performance Computing
  • H. John Caulfield, Shlomi Dolev, and William M. J. Green
  • Published
Interactive Science Publishing
  • Stephen A. Burns and Joseph Izatt
  • Published
Image Quality
  • Matthew Kupinski, Andrew Watson, Jeffrey Siewerdsen, Kyle Myers, and Miguel Eckstein
  • Publlished
Photonic Metamaterials: from Random to Periodic
  • Vladimir M. Shalaev, Azriel Genack, and Evgenii Narimanov
  • Published
Advances in Retinal Imaging
  • Joseph Carroll, Wolfgang Drexler, and Austin Roorda
  • Published
Diffractive Optics and Micro-Optics
  • Philippe Lalanne, Eric Johnson, Daniel Raguin, and Robert Magnusson
  • Published

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