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Journal of the Optical Society of America B


  • Editor: Henry M. Van Driel
  • Vol. 24, Iss. 2 — Feb. 1, 2007
  • pp: 316–323

Quantum telecommunication with atomic ensembles

S. D. Jenkins, D. N. Matsukevich, T. Chanelière, S.-Y. Lan, T. A. B. Kennedy, and A. Kuzmich  »View Author Affiliations

JOSA B, Vol. 24, Issue 2, pp. 316-323 (2007)

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Quantum mechanics provides a mechanism for absolutely secure communication between remote parties. For distances greater than 100 km, direct quantum communication via optical fiber is not viable, owing to fiber losses, and intermediate storage of the quantum information along the transmission channel is necessary. This leads to the concept of the quantum repeater, proposed by Briegel et al. [ Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 169 (1998) ]. Duan et al. [ Nature 414, 413 (2001) ] have proposed to use atomic ensembles as the basic memory elements for the quantum repeater. We provide an overview of our program on the use of atomic ensembles as an interface for quantum information transfer and the prospects for long-distance quantum networks.

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OCIS Codes
(270.0270) Quantum optics : Quantum optics
(270.6630) Quantum optics : Superradiance, superfluorescence

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Original Manuscript: July 24, 2006
Revised Manuscript: September 27, 2006
Manuscript Accepted: September 29, 2006
Published: January 26, 2007

S. D. Jenkins, D. N. Matsukevich, T. Chanelière, S.-Y. Lan, T. A. B. Kennedy, and A. Kuzmich, "Quantum telecommunication with atomic ensembles," J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 24, 316-323 (2007)

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