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Journal of the Optical Society of America B


  • Editor: Henry M. Van Driel
  • Vol. 24, Iss. 9 — Sep. 1, 2007
  • pp: 2218–2228

Optical spectroscopy, 1.5 μ m emission, and upconversion properties of Er 3 + -doped metaphosphate laser glasses

P. Babu, Hyo Jin Seo, Kyoung Hyuk Jang, R. Balakrishnaiah, C. K. Jayasankar, Ki-Soo Lim, and V. Lavín  »View Author Affiliations

JOSA B, Vol. 24, Issue 9, pp. 2218-2228 (2007)

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Metaphosphate glasses doped with five concentrations of Er 3 + ions have been investigated through absorption and emission spectra, decay curves, and upconversion measurements. Judd–Ofelt parameters have been evaluated from absorption spectrum of the 1.0 mol. % Er 3 + -doped glass, which are in turn used to predict radiative properties of some important luminescence levels of Er 3 + ions in these glasses. Gain bandwidths of an optical amplifier have been evaluated and are compared with those of reported Er 3 + :glass systems. Temperature dependence of the 1.5 μ m emission has been studied for the 2.0 mol. % Er 3 + -doped glass from 13 K to room temperature. Lifetimes of the I 13 2 4 level were measured and are found to decrease with concentration of Er 3 + ions after 0.1 mol. % . Concentration quenching of lifetimes has been analyzed using the theory developed by Auzel et al. [ J. Lumin. 94–95, 293 (2001) ; Opt. Mater. 24, 103 (2003) ]. Infrared to visible upconversion was also measured for three concentrations of Er 3 + -doped metaphosphate glasses with 794 nm excitation. A mechanism, involving excited state absorption and energy transfer upconversion, has been proposed to explain the upconversion process.

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OCIS Codes
(160.2750) Materials : Glass and other amorphous materials
(160.5690) Materials : Rare-earth-doped materials
(190.7220) Nonlinear optics : Upconversion
(250.4480) Optoelectronics : Optical amplifiers
(250.5230) Optoelectronics : Photoluminescence
(300.6280) Spectroscopy : Spectroscopy, fluorescence and luminescence

ToC Category:

Original Manuscript: March 22, 2007
Manuscript Accepted: May 17, 2007
Published: August 15, 2007

P. Babu, Hyo Jin Seo, Kyoung Hyuk Jang, R. Balakrishnaiah, C. K. Jayasankar, Ki-Soo Lim, and V. Lavín, "Optical spectroscopy, 1.5μm emission, and upconversion properties of Er3+-doped metaphosphate laser glasses," J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 24, 2218-2228 (2007)

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