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Journal of the Optical Society of America B

Journal of the Optical Society of America B


  • Editor: Henry van Driel
  • Vol. 28, Iss. 12 — Dec. 1, 2011
  • pp: A11–A26

Ultrafast nonlinear optics in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibers [Invited]

John C. Travers, Wonkeun Chang, Johannes Nold, Nicolas Y. Joly, and Philip St. J. Russell  »View Author Affiliations

JOSA B, Vol. 28, Issue 12, pp. A11-A26 (2011)

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We review the use of hollow-core photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) in the field of ultrafast gas-based nonlinear optics, including recent experiments, numerical modeling, and a discussion of future prospects. Concentrating on broadband guiding kagomé-style hollow-core PCF, we describe its potential for moving conventional nonlinear fiber optics both into extreme regimes—such as few-cycle pulse compression and efficient deep ultraviolet wavelength generation—and into regimes hitherto inaccessible, such as single-mode guidance in a photoionized plasma and high-harmonic generation in fiber.

© 2011 Optical Society of America

OCIS Codes
(190.4370) Nonlinear optics : Nonlinear optics, fibers
(190.7110) Nonlinear optics : Ultrafast nonlinear optics
(260.5210) Physical optics : Photoionization
(060.5295) Fiber optics and optical communications : Photonic crystal fibers

Original Manuscript: October 4, 2011
Manuscript Accepted: October 11, 2011
Published: November 30, 2011

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(2011) Advances in Optics and Photonics
February 24, 2012 Spotlight on Optics

John C. Travers, Wonkeun Chang, Johannes Nold, Nicolas Y. Joly, and Philip St. J. Russell, "Ultrafast nonlinear optics in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibers [Invited]," J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 28, A11-A26 (2011)

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