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ADS Author Help

The following information is provided to assist authors with using the Publications All-Digital System (ADS). Also see the comprehensive Author Information page, available from the Author tab of each journal's home page. The Author Information page includes valuable guidelines for acceptable file types and free online color for OSA print journals.

Logging In and Out

To access the Author area of the ADS online system, login from the Author Information page by clicking on the "LOGIN TO PUBS ADS" button. You will then be taken to a screen where you can enter your login (your email address) and your OSA password. Authors who do not have an OSA profile will need to create one before submitting a paper.

Please keep in mind that if you have been an OSA author, reviewer, subscriber, or attended an OSA-sponsored meeting in the past two years, or have ever been an OSA member you should already have an OSA profile. If you cannot remember your password please use the "forgot your password?" link on the login page, or contact OSA Peer Review staff. Creating multiple records can cause serious login problems later, so only create a new OSA profile when absolutely necessary.

After logging in you will will be taken to the Author queue page. If you recently submitted papers that are still under consideration they will be listed here. There are links to update your profile (address, research interests, etc) and submit a new manuscript. Also, links to log out, access the main Applied Optics webpage, and access the Author Help page can be found in the tool bar near the top of the screen. When finished, please be sure to use the logout link.

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Online Submission

After clicking on the "Submit new Manuscript" link in the Author Queue, you will be asked to complete a series of tasks. Each task is discussed below:


The first page you will encounter is the Online Copyright form. Please read it carefully and complete. If you cannot agree to online copyright, please choose the appropriate option, print a copy of the form, and fax it to OSA immediately. The OSA fax number is 202-416-6129. If you agree to the online copyright there is no need to also send us a paper version. After completing this page please press Continue.

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Page Charge Information

The next page contains information on voluntary and mandatory page charges for submissions to OSA journals. It also has a link to OSA's free online color policy. Please read the information very carefully. If you have any questions on any of the material on this page please type your question in the box provided, or contact OSA Peer Review staff. After checking all required fields, please press Continue Submission.

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Corresponding Author Information

The next page will allow you to choose how OSA will communicate with you during the peer review process. Keep in mind that the person submitting the paper is automatically assigned the role of corresponding author. If after completing the submission process you'd like another author to receive all correspondence please contact OSA Peer Review staff.

Select either your business or your personal address as point of contact using the radial buttons provied. We'd appreciate it if you used the link in your main author queue to update your address if the information in our records is incorrect. You will also be asked to enter the affiliation that will appear under your name on the paper if it is accepted for publication. Again, please edit this information if it is incorrect.

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Add Additional Authors

After completing the information for the corresponding author, you will be taken to the screen to add the co-author names. You are required to add all the authors of your paper, their affiliations, and their email addresses. Failure to do so will cause your paper to be temporarily deactivated until the required information is provided. An email message is sent to each co-author informing them of your submission, so please be sure to provide valid email addresses.

While entering the co-authors, keep in mind that they do not need to be in correct order. OSA staff will reorder them at the proper time if necessary. After entering the information for each author be sure to push the Add This Coauthor button. When finished, press Continue Submission.

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Manuscript Details

On the next sreen you are asked to provide detailed information about your submission. These details will help OSA staff direct your paper to the appropriate topical or feature editor and aid them in matching your paper to suitable reviewers. You must enter the title and abstract IN FULL. Note: If your abstract contains special characters, avoid using the Symbol font because it may not display properly in a web browser.

After the title and abstract, you are asked if your submission is for a feature issue. If you are unsure, please look at the About page for this journal to see if your paper is appropriate for any features currently accepting submissions. If you are submitting your paper to an active feature, be sure to choose the name of the feature from the drop-down menu immediately below. Also, we'd appreciate it if you also stated that the paper is a feature submission in the text box at the bottom of the screen.

Next you will be asked to indicate if your paper is related to any previously published OSA manuscript. New submissions that are related to previous work generally fall into three categories:

  • Errata - Corrections to a previously published paper. These must be submitted like any other manuscript.
  • Comment - Comment papers are manuscripts that take issue with the findings of a previously published OSA article. If you are submitting a Reply to a Comment written about your published article, you must also choose this radial button. When submitting a Comment or Reply be sure to clearly state that the paper is a comment on previous work or a reply to a comment paper in the title field, and well as in the text box at the bottom of this screen. More information on comments can be found here.
  • Continuation - Continuation of a previously submitted/published paper (Part I, Part II). If you choose this option, be sure to enter the volume, issue, and page number if the previous paper is already published.

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OCIS Classification

Next you are required to select a minimum of two OCIS keywords for your paper. Aside from indexing purposes, we use OCIS keywords to aid us in matching your paper to reviewers. The OCIS index is formatted with top-level categories and subtopics. First, select the general category (identified with a three-digit code) that best applies to your paper in the box next to the label Category 1. When you do this the box below should populate with the specific keywords under that category (identified with a seven-digit code). Highlight one keyword, and do the same with Category 2. A full-text search of the OCIS Codes is available. If you'd like to add more than two OCIS codes for your submission use the Add More OCIS Codes button to enter more keywords. If you are unable to find an OCIS code that sufficiently matches the subject matter of your paper, you may enter them in the Freeform Keywords field provided

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Color Figures and Peer Review Instructions

After entering the OCIS codes and Freeform Keywords (if needed) for your submission, you are asked to indicate which figures (if any) will be printed in color if your paper is accepted for publication. Please keep in mind that authors are asked to defray the cost of printing color versions of their figures. Futher information on color figure charges can be found here. If all your figures will be reproduced in black and white, please type "None" in this field.

After entering color figure information, please be sure to suggestion potential reviewers for your paper in the field provided. This greatly expedites the processing of your paper, so we strongly encourage all authors to suggest at least three names for each paper submitted. You may also use this field to convey any further information about your paper to OSA Peer Review Staff (submission to a feature issue, submission of a Comment paper, etc).

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File Upload

You will next be asked to upload your manuscript. As stated on the Templates page, you must upload either one Word file with the figures included or a TEX file with EPS figure files inside a TAR or TARGZIP file. Your submission will be converted to PDF for use in peer review. Use of OSA Word and LaTeX templates is strongly encouraged). There is no need at this time to send your figure source files separately.

After using the Browse button to upload your paper, please push the Upload button. The peer review system will then attempt to create a PDF version of your submission. Please be patient, as this process can take several minutes, depending on the size of the file(s) submitted. If the system is successful, the PDF file will appear in the browser window for your scrutiny. If the pdf verison of your submission looks good, Click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page. Please keep in mind that your submission is not complete until you push this button. Failure to do so will delay the processing of your paper. If your paper is successfully submitted you should receive an automatic email acknolwedgement. If for any reason you'd like to upload the file again, choose the Return to Upload Document button.

If you receive an error message while trying to upload your paper, please make a second attempt. If after two tries you are still unable to upload your manuscript please log out of the peer review system and contact OSA Staff immediately. Also, you may check the Templates page to see if any of our file requirements were not followed.

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Manuscript Tracking

After completing the submission process, you may view the current status of your manuscript by log in to the peer review system from the appropriate journal page. After logging in, any papers for which you are the corresponding author submitted to that particular journal will be displayed. The DOC ID number links to the PDF version of your manuscript. The title of your paper links to a status page, which lists all activities performed on your manuscript. If any action is required of you on a particular paper, the top line of the status will be yellow, with a link to the appropriate page.

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Manuscript Decisions

Upon completion of peer review, the topical editor will issue a decision on your manuscript, which you will receive via e-mail along with reviewer comments and any required format revisions. This email will also contain directions on how to submit a revision (if revisions are required by the Editor or OSA staff). If you suspect emails from OSA are being blocked by your email software, please contact your IT administrator.

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Manuscript Revisions

Manuscripts returned to the author for revision should be returned to OSA as quickly as possible. The decision email will include the due date for your revised manuscript. Any revisions received after that date will be assigned a new received date.

After you have revised your paper and written a detailed reply to the reviewers and a list of changes to your paper, please log onto your Author queue. Click on the title of the paper you have revised. At the top of the status page should be a line in yellow asking you for a revision. Click on the link provided. If there is no link, please contact OSA Staff immediately.

After clicking on this link, you will go to a screen with a copy of the decision letter emailed to you earlier. Also, near the top is a button labeled Upload Revised Manuscript. Push this to begin the revision upload process. You will then be asked to upload your revised manuscript file. The same file requirements apply for both original and revised papers. Please consult the File Upload section above for further information. If you receive an error message while uploading your revision please log out and contact OSA Staff immediately. If an acceptable pdf version of your revision is created click on Continue. If you'd like to upload again, choose Return to Upload Document.

You will then be asked to upload your art files. Guidelines for preparing usable art files can be found here. Please be sure to label each figure with the correct number, and submit multipart figures as one file. If you accidentally upload the wrong figure you can delete it by using the appropriate link. After uploading all figure art, click on Continue.

You will then be asked to paste your response to the reviewers and a detailed list of changes to your paper in the box provided. Please keep in mind that this box can only accept ASCII text. If your response contains equations, non-standard fonts, or figures they cannot be pasted here. In these cases, please email your response to OSA Staff after indicating that you will do so in the Author Revision box. Also be sure to indicate which figures you'd like to be printed in color in the space provided. When finished, click on Add Comments and Complete Revision. You will then be taken back to your author queue. You will be contacted via email when a decision is reached on your revision.

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Copyediting and Page Proofs

All papers are accepted subject to editing to ensure readability and conformity to journal style. If a student-level reader might find your English difficult to understand, please have a colleague who is fluent in English edit your paper before you submit it to OSA.

Authors will receive page proofs of their papers; typically, authors are prompted by e-mail to log in and access PDF proofs from a vendor website. Corrected proofs should be returned the OSA Editorial Department as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of receipt, to avoid publication delays.

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