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  • Vol. 8, Iss. 1 — Mar. 25, 2004
  • pp: 34–52

Perspectives on THz Time Domain Spectroscopy

R.Alan Cheville  »View Author Affiliations

Journal of the Optical Society of Korea, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp. 34-52 (2004)

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Over the past decade the experimental technique of THz time domain spectroscopy (㎔- TDS) has proved to be a versatile method for investigating a wide range of phenomena in the ㎔ or far infrared spectral region from 100 ㎓ to 5 ㎔. This paper reviews some recent results of the Ultrafast ㎔ Research Group at Oklahoma State University using ㎔-TDS as a characterization tool. The experimental technique is described along with recent results on ㎔ beam propagation and how ㎔ beam profiles arise from propagation of pulse fronts along caustics. To illustrate how spatio-temporal electric field measurements can determine material properties over a wide spectral range, propagation of ㎔ pulses through systems exhibiting frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) are reviewed. Finally two potential metrology applications of ㎔-TDS are discussed, thin film characterization and non-destructive evaluation of ceramics. Although ㎔-TDS has been confined to the research laboratory, the focus on application may stimulate the adoption of ㎔- TDS for industrial or metrology applications.

© 2004 Optical Society of Korea

OCIS Codes
(070.2580) Fourier optics and signal processing : Paraxial wave optics
(120.4640) Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology : Optical instruments
(300.6270) Spectroscopy : Spectroscopy, far infrared
(320.5550) Ultrafast optics : Pulses
(320.7160) Ultrafast optics : Ultrafast technology

Original Manuscript: December 12, 2003
Published: March 1, 2004

R.Alan Cheville, "Perspectives on THz Time Domain Spectroscopy," J. Opt. Soc. Korea 8, 34-52 (2004)

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