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OSA Library Resource Center

Welcome to the new OSA Library Resource Center. Recognizing your need to have data at your finger tips, we have developed some critical resources to help you better manage your subscriptions to OSA publications. These resources include access to COUNTER compliant and other related usage statistics, your current account information, access to your institution's subscription history, as well as a view into the personalized My InfoBase service as seen by your patrons.

Should you have any questions about your institution's subscriptions or require any assistance with this service center, please do not hesitate to contact us at elec@osa.org or +1.202.416.1901.

Library Resources At Your Fingertips

OSA has a wide variety of general, technical, and discoverability resources as listed below to assist you and your patrons. We hope that you find them helpful.

General Resources

Ordering and Customer Service
Details on how to submit your order, as well as information on our policies related to payment, shipping, refunds, and claims.

2015 Pricing
Our 2015 price sheet is a quick reference document to assist you when looking for prices on individual journals, our combination packages, and/or Optics InfoBase. Note that our price list reflects single site rates. For consortia and multisite licenses, please contact one of our institutional sales directors.

Consortia/Multi-site Pricing:
The prices in our catalog and price list reflect single site rates. For consortia and multisite licenses, please contact one of our institutional sales directors.

2015 Catalog
OSA's 2015 catalog provides you with all of the key information you need to make an informed purchasing decision related to our online and print journal subscriptions and licenses. Our catalog also provides you with the latest details on new products and tools available for the 2015 subscription term.

2014 Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) Data for OSA Journals
Check here for each of our journal's JCR Impact Factors and Eigenfactor rankings.

Coverage and Bibliographic Data for Content on Optics InfoBase
To ensure that you know exactly what your subscription or license includes, OSA has developed a comprehensive list of dates of online coverage, ISSNs, and CODENs by journal title.

Historical ISSNs for OSA Journals
As with many publishers, OSA's ISSNs have been reassigned over time. Use this list to ensure that you have the correct bibliographic data for your cataloging purposes.

Download: PDF (59KB)

Institutional User Agreement
Online access is included with every OSA Journal subscription. To activate your institution's online access, please submit your completed online user agreement to OSA via fax at +1 202.416.6129, or via email to elec@osa.org

Permitted and Prohibited Uses
OSA has generous licensing terms. Click for details on ILL, course pack usage, and more.

Archive Policy
Here are our policies on post-cancellation access and long-term preservation:

Secure Archiving - OSA is committed to the long-term preservation of the OSA online publications and has arranged for secure archiving with Portico.

Post-Cancellation Policy - OSA is committed to making its journal content permanently available to you. Should you cancel your subscription, you may receive digital files for the time during which you paid for online access (at a minimal cost).

New in 2012: OSA now offers a perpetual-access Digital Archive product for purchase.

Marketing Materials for your Library
OSA wants to help you raise awareness of the content you've licensed for your patrons — follow this link for tools which can assist.

Technical Resources

Research Tools for Your Patrons
OSA is constantly updating its interface with new features and tools. In doing so we hope to improve your patrons' experience with our journals, to maximize the utility of the content you've licensed, and to enable better navigation and sharing of research.

Search and Navigation
OSA provides a wealth of navigational aids, such as faceted browsing, related articles, OCIS codes, and basic and advanced search.

Exporting and Saving Citations
Click here for support with BibTeX, End Note, and other related services.

Free Personalization Features for Your Patrons on My InfoBase
Help your patrons register and create their own custom journals, alerts, and research library.

Top Downloaded Articles
Our InfoBase reader survey shows that people value information about how others are using OSA journal content. Most popular is lists of top-downloaded articles, which we now display on each online journal page for the previous month.

Click here to see the current list of the most popular articles in OSA's journals.

Accessibility and Discoverability Tools

Linking Syntax
Click here to find out how to build links to OSA journals enabling better access via your library's finding aids.

OSA's Optics InfoBase maintains an OpenURL Query Interface that accepts metadata and searches to find a matching article.

Reference Linking & DOIs
OSA supports CrossRef, enabling rich forward and backward linking for you and your patrons.

Discoverability services
OSA participates in a number of discoverability services, ensuring that your patrons can find OSA's content no matter where they start their search.