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Welcome to the new OSA Library Resource Center. Recognizing your need to have data at your finger tips, we have developed some critical resources to help you better manage your subscriptions to OSA publications. These resources include access to COUNTER compliant and other related usage statistics, your current account information, access to your institution's subscription history, as well as a view into the personalized My InfoBase service as seen by your patrons.

Should you have any questions about your institution's subscriptions or require any assistance with this service center, please do not hesitate to contact us at elec@osa.org or +1.202.416.1901.


To submit your institution's OpenURL information to OSA, please go to the My Account Information tab.

Using the Optics InfoBase OpenURL Query Interface

Optics InfoBase maintains an OpenURL Query Interface that accepts metadata and searches to find a matching article. If a match is found, it will redirect the user to the article.

For example, a library system that needed to retrieve this article "Lei Li, Qiong-Hua Wang, Da-Hai Li, and Hua-Rong Peng, "Jump method for optical thin film design,"Opt. Express 17, 16920-16926 (2009)" could submit a query such as this:

OpenURL vers. 1.0 query:


OpenURL vers. 0.1 query:


The Optics InfoBase OpenURL Query Interface would provide the end user with the correct Abstract page for the article, which for this example would translate to:


In most instances, only a single article will be returned. If more than one DOI is returned, the user will be directed to the Optics InfoBase search page with a list of potential matches.

OpenURL Query Parameters

The Optics InfoBase OpenURL Query Interface can accept both OpenURL versions 0.1 and 1.0 parameters. For more detailed information on these two query formats please see the following documentation:

  1. The OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services - the Key/Encoded-Value (KEV) Format Implementation Guide. (OpenURL Ver 1.0)
  2. OpenURL Syntax Description (OpenURL Ver 0.1)

OpenURL 0.1 Parameters Accepted

  • genre - journal, article, proceeding
  • issn - ISSN of a journal
  • eissn - the electronic ISSN of a journal
  • stitle - The abbreviated title of a journal
  • atitle - article or proceeding title
  • volume - the volume of a journal
  • issue - the issue of a journal
  • spage - the start page of a article or proceeding
  • epage - the end page of a article or proceeding
  • aulast - author last name
  • aufirst - author first name

OpenURL 1.0 Parameters Accepted

OpenURL 1.0 requests must include "url_ver=Z39.88-2004" and utlize the rft.genre as article.

  • rtf.jtitle - the title of a journal
  • rft.stitle - the abbreviated title of a journal
  • rft.atitle - article or proceeding title
  • rft.aulast - author last name
  • rft.aufirst - author first name
  • rft.auinit - author initials
  • rft.date - date of publication
  • rft.volume - the volume of a journal
  • rft.issue - the issue of a journal
  • rft.spage - the start page of a article or proceeding
  • rft.epage - the end page of a article or proceeding
  • rft.issn - ISSN of a journal