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Welcome to the new OSA Library Resource Center. Recognizing your need to have data at your finger tips, we have developed some critical resources to help you better manage your subscriptions to OSA publications. These resources include access to COUNTER compliant and other related usage statistics, your current account information, access to your institution's subscription history, as well as a view into the personalized My InfoBase service as seen by your patrons.

Should you have any questions about your institution's subscriptions or require any assistance with this service center, please do not hesitate to contact us at elec@osa.org or +1.202.416.1901.

Permitted and Prohibited Use

The Licensee and Authorized Users are permitted access to the Licensed Material, and may download or print text, search results, or other information from the Licensed Material solely for the private use or research of the Licensee and the Authorized Users. For inclusion in course packs or similar use, the Licensee and the Authorized Users are permitted to print one hard copy (or bookmark a digital copy) and share such hard copy or bookmark with third parties to the same extent as the print edition or to the extent permitted under fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976. Libraries may share the Licensed Material with other libraries through an inter-library loan program that conforms to the CONTU Guidelines on Photocopying under Interlibrary Loan Arrangements available on the National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyright Works (""CONTU") website. The Licensee and each Authorized User agrees to use this online access in a way that conforms with all applicable laws and regulations.

Use of Licensed Material in Course Packs and Similar Uses.

  • For course packs, electronic reserves, and use of the Licensed Material in classroom management software, Licensee and Authorized Users may incorporate any part of the Licensed Materials in Course Packs, Electronic Reserve collections, and in campus systems for classroom management without the prior written permission of OSA, as long as:
  • Access is restricted to Authorized Users, and
  • Any copies created, whether print or electronic, are to be removed and deleted when the relevant course ends, and
  • Any other use of the materials included in the course packs, etc., shall require prior written permission from OSA.

Altering, recompiling, copying, reselling, redistributing, publishing or republishing of any OSA online journal text, output, search results, or other information from the OSA online journals, or any portion thereof, including without limitation, copyright, trade secret, proprietary and/or other legal notices contained therein, in any form or medium is prohibited. Systematic downloading, service bureau redistribution services, printing for fee-for-service purposes and/or the making of print or electronic copies for transmission to non-Licensees or non-subscribing institutions (beyond that permitted in Section 2) are prohibited. All rights not expressly granted are reserved to OSA.