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The Illuminator: OSA's New Librarian Newsletter
UPDATES: OSA's 2011 Librarian Survey
UPCOMING EVENTS: 2011 Charleston Conference

The Illuminator: OSA's New Librarian Newsletter

OSA's e-Newsletter, The Illuminator, is written specifically for you, our valued library customers. The goal of our e-newsletter is to share news, updates, and tips on OSA's products and services that we hope will be of interest to you and will enable you to better assist your patrons.

As always, we welcome your feedback! If there's something you'd like for us to feature in an upcoming issue of The Illuminator, please do let us know by emailing elec@osa.org or by contacting your OSA account representative.

OSA's 2011 Librarian Survey

In January, OSA held its annual Library Advisory Committee (LAC) meeting at OSA headquarters in Washington, DC. As part of the meeting, we worked with your peers to develop a survey that would help us gain a better understanding of your library's needs and concerns. Then this past spring, we asked you to respond to the survey, and we're delighted to report that many of you did. After sending out invitations to respond to 1,900, we received 190 responses, with the majority of them from the U.S. Here are the top 3 findings:

  • 85% of you indicated that you would like to see OSA develop Web-based tutorials for our content with 55% of you elaborating on this by saying that you feel that these tutorials will help you to promote the availability of OSA content to your patrons.
  • 61% of you said that an e-journal combination package would be appealing.
  • 59% of you said that you would be interested in OSA offering a digital archive of our content if it included a perpetual license.

For those of you who participated, we thank you. Your valuable feedback has helped us to develop some new products and services specifically tailored to your needs. See below for more details.

Also, we heard your desire for training materials loudly and clearly. In fact, we plan to post 3 free Web Tutorials in early November. Once posted, you can find them here: http://www.opticsinfobase.org/library.

And the winner is... Congratulations to Catherine Sanborn of the University College Cork in Cork, Ireland for winning the iPad2 drawing we held as part of our librarian survey.


We're happy to report that in response to the feedback received in the librarian survey (discussed above), we've created several new and exciting product options for you in 2012, including:

    Optics InfoBase Premium
    Like the Optics InfoBase package, the Premium package includes all of OSA's signature journals and key co-publications. In addition, the Premium package also includes OSA's Major Meetings series and our new Image Bank (coming in April 2012).

    E-Combination Journal Package
    OSA's new online-only journal combination option includes subscriptions to six OSA titles at significant savings.

    OSA's Digital Archive
    Interested in retaining perpetual rights for your library to over 88 years of groundbreaking optics and photonics content with a one-time purchase to OSA's Digital Archive? Then OSA's Digital Archive is your answer, and it is available for single institution and consortia purchase.

    Conference Proceedings Packages
    2012 also brings new options for OSA's Conference Proceedings. Now your patrons can access the entire conference proceedings collection, our Major Meeting Series or a single year of conference proceedings for a specific meeting.

    Optics & Photonics Newsâ??Now Available Online-Only
    Recognizing the importance of online-only options, institutions now have the flexibility to subscribe to the electronic version of OSA's premiere news magazine, Optics & Photonics News (OPN).

    OSA Image Bank (available April 2012) With this product, your patrons will be able to search and view thousands of high-quality images from a selection of OSA journalsâ??great for research and classroom use.

To learn more about our new products, browse our 2012 Journal Catalog and the 2012 Price list or feel free to contact your local account representative.


This month we made two important changes to our OSA COUNTER processing methodology that positively affect your usage statistics.


  1. 1.) We added download activity for articles accessed by your institution on the "Early Posting" portion of each eligible journal's page in Optics InfoBase. Previously we had been recording these article downloads for your institution, but we had not been incorporating them into your monthly COUNTER totals.
  2. 2.) We also incorporated download activity for the OSA Conference Proceedings series. As with the "Early Posting" articles, these downloads were being recorded by OSA for your institution but not being reported in your monthly COUNTER totals. (Please note: this change is only applicable for customers subscribing to OSA Conference Proceedings either as a standalone subscription or as part of a package.)

As a result of these two changes, you will likely see an increase in your total reported downloads (and a corresponding reduction to your cost per download). It is important to note that your statistics remain fully COUNTER-compliant and that they now more fully reflect the OSA download activity at your institution.

To accurately reflect the usage for "Early Posting" and OSA Conference Proceedings for 2011, we re-processed all of your COUNTER statistics from January 2011 onward. If you are maintaining a monthly total for OSA download activity, you will need to use the new figures for the entire year to date.

2011 Charleston Conference

Join us on Friday, 4 November from 12:45pm - 2:00pm for a Lively Lunch Discussion at the Charleston Conference. The discussion is entitled "A Primer on Open Access Publishing—Lessons from the Field" Lively Lunch and the panel speakers include:

    Elizabeth Nolan, OSA's Chief Publishing Officer
    Robin Sinn, Liaison Librarian at John Hopkins University's Sheridan Libraries
    Diane Geraci, the Associate Director for Information Resources at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

During the session, Elizabeth Nolan will provide an overview of different open access models, share information on OSA's growing open access publishing program and describe how open access and subscription based journals can happily co-exist. Robin Sinn will provide feedback on open access initiatives that Johns Hopkins is exploring, challenges associated with implementing these initiatives, and the impact that the new open access business models—like Biomed Central, PLoS memberships, SCOAP3—are having on Johns Hopkins. Rounding out the panel will be Diane Geraci. She will discuss MIT's experience with creating the Libraries' Scholarly Publishing and Licensing Office, supporting the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, and gaining traction through collaboration both on and off campus.

We would like to get an idea on how many people will be attending. If you plan on joining us, and we hope that you will, please RSVP via email at elec@osa.org with your NAME, INSTITUTION, EMAIL ADDRESS, and NUMBER of ATTENDEES. Please put "LIVELY LUNCH RSVP" in the subject line.

OSA's Sales and Marketing Team will also be at the Charleston Conference. If you would like to meet with any of us, please do let us know. We won't have a booth at the conference, but Keith Allen, Deputy Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing, and Alan Tourtlotte, Director of Sales, will be able to meet with you at an agreed-upon location. To schedule a meeting, email kallen@osa.org, and be sure to put "Schedule a Client Meeting" in the subject line.

And of course, if you see any of us at the Lively Lunch or in any of the sessions, please tell us if you have questions, compliments, critiques or suggestions regarding our journals and/or services. See you in Charleston!


It's renewal season again! We look forward to receiving your renewal, either directly or from your subscription agent. If you haven't already received your renewal packet, you should receive it soon. Feel free to e-mail us at elec@osa.org if you have any questions about your renewal quote or if you need a duplicate.

And we want to remind you that...

OSA offers the Library Resource Center to help you manage your OSA subscriptions! You can visit the LRC at www.osa.org/librarians to access your COUNTER usage stats, manage your OSA account including IP addresses, download marketing materials, and much more.

If you have a question about your renewal, or would like to place your order, please contact OSA, your local representative or your agent of choice directly at:

For orders from the US, Canada, and Latin America:
Alan Tourtlotte
Director of Sales
OSA Publishing
Tel: +1.202.416.1908
Email: atourt@osa.org

For orders from Europe and Russia, please contact:
David Charles e-Licensing
92 ave du General de Gaulle
78600 Maisons- Laffitte France
Tel/Fax: +
Email: dc.elicensing@orange.fr

For orders from Japan, please contact:
Kinokuniya Company Ltd.
Journal Department
3-7-10 Shimomeguro
Tokyo 153-8504 Japan
Tel: +81 03.6910.0532
Email: journal@kinokuniya.co.jp

For orders from the rest of Asia, please contact:
Sung Tinnie
Director, Product Management
31 Kaki Bukit Road 3
#06-24 Techlink
Singapore 417818
Tel: +65 6745 5581
Email: stinnie@igroupnet.com

For questions related to new consortia or multi-site licenses, please contact:
Keith Allen
Deputy Senior Director, Sales and Marketing
OSA Publishing
Tel: +1 202.416.1906
E-mail: kallen@osa.org

Thank you for your continued support of OSA.