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The original all-electronic, open-access optics journal, Optics Express (OpEx) is known for its rapid time to publication and high Impact Factor. OpEx publishes peer-reviewed articles that emphasize scientific and technology innovations in all aspects of optics and photonics.

Editor-in-Chief: Andrew M. Weiner, Purdue University
eISSN: 1094-4087
Frequency: Rapid article-at-a-time publication, Bi-weekly issues
2013 Impact Factor: 3.525

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Extend the field of view of selective plan illumination microscopy by tiling the excitation light sheet
Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) is attractive for its ability to acquire 3D images with high... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6102-6111 (2015)

Laser-induced plasmas in ambient air for incoherent broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy
The emission from a laser-induced plasma in ambient air, generated by a high power femtosecond laser, was... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6092-6101 (2015)

Ultra-narrow band perfect absorbers based on plasmonic analog of electromagnetically induced absorption
A novel plasmonic metamaterial consisting of the solid (bar) and the inverse (slot) compound metallic... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6083-6091 (2015)

A smart load-sensing system using standardized mechano-luminescence measurement
The mechano-luminescence (ML) of phosphors has stirred a great deal of interest for its potential application... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6073-6082 (2015)

Highly sensitive liquid level monitoring system utilizing polymer fiber Bragg gratings
A novel and highly sensitive liquid level sensor based on a polymer optical fiber Bragg grating (POFBG) is... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6058-6072 (2015)

Amplifying optical rotation using a coupled waveguide and ring resonator
Measuring optical rotations in materials is a useful tool in many experimental studies. Research may be... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6050-6057 (2015)

Polarized vortices in optical speckle field: observation of rare polarization singularities
Using a recent method able to characterize the polarimetry of a random field with high polarimetric and... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6041-6049 (2015)

Binary phase oscillation of two mutually coupled semiconductor lasers
A two-site Ising model is implemented as an injection-locked laser network consisting of a single master... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6029-6040 (2015)

Effect of the object 3D shape on the viscoelastic testing in optical tweezers
Viscoelastic testing of biological cells has been performed with the optical tweezers and stretcher.... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6020-6028 (2015)

Laser perforated ultrathin metal films for transparent electrode applications
Transmittance and conductivity are the key requirements for transparent electrodes. Many optoelectronic... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 7, pp.A254-A262 (2015)

Graphene-assisted Si-InSb thermophotovoltaic system for low temperature applications
The present work theoretically analyzes the performance of the near-field thermophotovoltaic (TPV) energy... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 7, pp.A240-A253 (2015)

Warm-white light-emitting diode with high color rendering index fabricated by combining trichromatic InGaN emitter with single red phosphor
We present a trichromatic GaN-based light-emitting diode (LED) that emits near-ultraviolet (n-UV) blue and... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 7, pp.A232-A239 (2015)

Multiview three-dimensional display with continuous motion parallax through planar aligned OLED microdisplays
Existing multiview three-dimensional (3D) display technologies encounter discontinuous motion parallax... Optics Express, Vol. 23 Issue 5, pp.6007-6019 (2015)

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Call for Papers

Controlled Light Propagation through Complex Media
  • Jerome Mertz, Hui Cao, Sylvain Gigan, Rafael Piestun
  • Submissions Open: 1 December 2014; Submission Deadline: 23 February 2015

In Progress

Light, Energy, and the Environment
  • Thomas White, César Domínguez, Gerard Wysocki, Seunghyup Yoo
  • In progress (no new submissions accepted)
Optical Cooling and Trapping
  • Antonio A. R. Neves (Lead), Philip H. Jones, Le Luo, Onofrio M. Maragò
  • In progress (no new submissions accepted)
Advanced Solid-State Lasers 2014
  • Kenneth Schepler, Katia Gallo, F. Ömer Ilday, Yoonchan Jeong, Shibin Jiang, Takunori Taira
  • Submissions Open: 1 November 2014; Submission Deadline: 15 December 2014
Quantum Cascade Lasers (Invited Only)
  • Miriam Serena Vitiello (Lead), Giacomo Scalari, Benjamin Williams, Paolo De Natale
  • In Progress (no new submissions accepted)
2014 Digital Holography and 3-D Imaging
  • Yoshio Hayasaki (lead), Levent Onural, Gabriel Popescu, Changhe Zhou
  • In Progress (no new submissions accepted)
Optical Interconnects
  • Zhaohui Li, Ivan Shubin, Xiang Zhou
  • In Progress (no new submissions accepted)


Nonlinear Photonics
  • Nail Akhmediev (Lead) and Yaroslav Kartashov
  • Published
Space-Division Multiplexing (Invited Only)
  • Guifang Li, Xiang Liu, Magnus Karlsson, Yves Quiquempois
  • Published
Advanced Solid-State Lasers
  • Katia Gallo, Yoonchan Jeong, Thomas Sudmeyer
  • Published

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Energy Express

Energy Express is a special bi-monthly supplement dedicated to rapid developments in optics for sustainable energy.

Submissions are encouraged in areas that encompass the science and engineering of light and its impact on sustainable energy development, the environment, and green technologies.

Recently Published Energy Express Articles

Structural study and Raman scattering analysis of Cu2ZnSiTe4 bulk crystals
Bulk crystals of Cu2ZnSiTe4 (CZSiTe) have been prepared by modified Bridgman method and... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1936-A1943 (2014)

Design of efficient LED optics with two free-form surfaces
Most LED illumination applications require generation of complex light patterns for which the secondary... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1926-A1935 (2014)

Numerical method for an analysis of nonlinear light propagation in photorefractive media - time nonlocal approach
Nonlinear light propagation in photorefractive media can be analyzed by numerical methods. The presented... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1907-A1925 (2014)

Superlattice photonic crystal as broadband solar absorber for high temperature operation
A high performance solar absorber using a 2D tantalum superlattice photonic crystal (PhC) is proposed and its... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1895-A1906 (2014)

Self-tracking solar concentrator with an acceptance angle of 32°
Solar concentration has the potential to decrease the cost associated with solar cells by replacing the... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1880-A1894 (2014)

Thermoresponsive scattering coating for smart white LEDs
White light emitting diode (LED) systems, capable of lowering the color temperature of emitted light on... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1868-A1879 (2014)

P-side-up thin-film AlGaInP-based light emitting diodes with direct ohmic contact of an ITO layer with a GaP window layer
A twice wafer-transfer technique can be used to fabricate high-brightness p-side-up thin-film AlGaInP-based... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1862-A1867 (2014)

Photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation with linear gradient Al composition dodecagon faceted AlGaN/n-GaN electrode
We demonstrated photoelectrochemical cells (PECs) with dodecagon faceted AlGaN/n-GaN heterostructure... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1853-A1861 (2014)

High efficiency of photon-to-heat conversion with a 6-layered metal/dielectric film structure in the 250-1200 nm wavelength region
The optical properties and thermal stability of a 6-layered metal/dielectric film structure are investigated... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1843-A1852 (2014)

Roll-to-roll embossing of optical linear Fresnel lens polymer film for solar concentration
Roll-to-roll manufacturing has been proven to be a high-throughput and low-cost technology for continuous... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S7, pp.A1835-A1842 (2014)

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Light beams with a twisted spatial structure have many intriguing properties; their characteristic feature is that they... [more]

Low-power communication with a photonic heat pump

A LED can work as a thermodynamic heat pump: under certain conditions, it can use externally supplied electrical work... [more]

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