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The original all-electronic, open-access optics journal, Optics Express (OpEx) is known for its rapid time to publication and high Impact Factor. OpEx publishes peer-reviewed articles that emphasize scientific and technology innovations in all aspects of optics and photonics.

Editor-in-Chief: Andrew M. Weiner, Purdue University
eISSN: 1094-4087
Frequency: Rapid article-at-a-time publication, Bi-weekly issues
2013 Impact Factor: 3.525

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Light field geometry of a standard plenoptic camera
The Standard Plenoptic Camera (SPC) is an innovation in photography, allowing for acquiring two-dimensional... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26659-26673 (2014)

Novel integration technique for silicon/III-V hybrid laser
Integrated semiconductor lasers on silicon are one of the most crucial devices to enable low-cost silicon... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26854-26861 (2014)

Theoretical study on the generation of a low-noise plasmonic hotspot by means of a trench-assisted circular nano-slit
We propose a novel trench-assisted circular metal nano-slit (CMNS) structure implementable on a fiber... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26844-26853 (2014)

Universal, strong and long-ranged trapping by optical conveyors
Optical conveyors are active tractor beams that selectively transport illuminated objects either upstream or... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26834-26843 (2014)

High temperature sensing with fiber Bragg gratings in sapphire-derived all-glass optical fibers
A structured sapphire-derived all-glass optical fiber with an aluminum content in the core of up to 50 mol%... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26825-26833 (2014)

Enhanced continuous-wave four-wave mixing efficiency in nonlinear AlGaAs waveguides
Enhancements of the continuous-wave four-wave mixing conversion efficiency and bandwidth are accomplished... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26814-26824 (2014)

All-silicon monolithic Mach-Zehnder interferometer as a refractive index and bio-chemical sensor
A complete Mach-Zehnder interferometer monolithically integrated on silicon is presented and employed as a... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26803-26813 (2014)

High-speed compact silicon photonic Michelson interferometric modulator
We present the detailed analysis and characterization of a silicon Michelson modulator with short 500... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26788-26802 (2014)

Differential microstrip lines with reduced crosstalk and common mode effect based on spoof surface plasmon polaritons
We apply the concept of spoof surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) to the design of differential microstrip... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26777-26787 (2014)

Observation of the asymmetric Bessel beams with arbitrary orientation using a digital micromirror device
Recently, V. V. Kotlyar et al. [Opt. Lett.39, 2395 (2014)] have theoretically proposed a novel kind of... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26763-26776 (2014)

High-speed absolute three-dimensional shape measurement using three binary dithered patterns
This paper describes a method to reconstruct high-speed absolute three-dimensional (3D) geometry using only... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26752-26762 (2014)

Data transmission in long-range dielectric-loaded surface plasmon polariton waveguides
We demonstrate the data transmission of 10 Gbit/s on-off keying modulated 1550 nm signal through a long-range... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26742-26751 (2014)

Nonlinear inverse synthesis for high spectral efficiency transmission in optical fibers
In linear communication channels, spectral components (modes) defined by the Fourier transform of the signal... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue 22, pp.26720-26741 (2014)

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Call for Papers

Controlled Light Propagation through Complex Media
  • Jerome Mertz, Hui Cao, Sylvain Gigan, Rafael Piestun
  • Submissions Open: 1 December 2014; Submission Deadline: 1 February 2015
Optical Cooling and Trapping
  • Antonio A. R. Neves (Lead), Philip H. Jones, Le Luo, Onofrio M. Maragò
  • Submission Opens: 1 November 2014; Submission Deadline: 5 January 2015
Advanced Solid-State Lasers 2014
  • Kenneth Schepler, Katia Gallo, F. Ömer Ilday, Yoonchan Jeong, Shibin Jiang, Takunori Taira
  • Submissions Open: 1 November 2014; Submission Deadline: 15 December 2014
Quantum Cascade Lasers (Invited Only)
  • Miriam Serena Vitiello (Lead), Giacomo Scalari, Benjamin Williams, Paolo De Natale
  • Submissions Open: 1 November 2014; Submission Deadline: 1 December 2014
Optical Interconnects
  • Zhaohui Li, Ivan Shubin, Xiang Zhou
  • Submission Opens: 1 October 2014; Submission Deadline: 3 November 2014

In Progress

Nonlinear Photonics
  • Nail Akhmediev (Lead) and Yaroslav Kartashov
  • In Progress (no new submissions accepted)
2014 Digital Holography and 3-D Imaging
  • Yoshio Hayasaki (lead), Levent Onural, Gabriel Popescu, Changhe Zhou
  • In Progress (no new submissions accepted)
Space-Division Multiplexing (Invited Only)
  • Guifang Li, Xiang Liu, Magnus Karlsson, Yves Quiquempois
  • In Progress (no new submissions accepted)


Advanced Solid-State Lasers
  • Katia Gallo, Yoonchan Jeong, Thomas Sudmeyer
  • Published
Physics and Applications of Laser Dynamics
  • Yung-Fu Chen, Frédéric Grillot, Marc Sciamanna
  • Published

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Energy Express

Energy Express is a special bi-monthly supplement dedicated to rapid developments in optics for sustainable energy.

Submissions are encouraged in areas that encompass the science and engineering of light and its impact on sustainable energy development, the environment, and green technologies.

Recently Published Energy Express Articles

Multi-objective genetic algorithm for the optimization of a flat-plate solar thermal collector
We present a multi-objective genetic algorithm we developed for the optimization of a flat-plate solar... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1641-A1649 (2014)

Binary phase shift keying on orthogonal carriers for multi-channel CO2 absorption measurements in the presence of thin clouds
A new modulation technique for Continuous Wave (CW) Lidar is presented based on Binary Phase Shift Keying... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1634-A1640 (2014)

Self-organized nanoparticle photolithography for two-dimensional patterning of organic light emitting diodes
We report a new simple and inexpensive sub-micrometer two dimensional patterning technique. This technique... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1619-A1633 (2014)

Role of spectral non-idealities in the design of solar thermophotovoltaics
To bridge the gap between theoretically predicted and experimentally demonstrated efficiencies of solar... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1604-A1618 (2014)

Surface plasmon-enhanced nanoporous GaN-based green light-emitting diodes with Al2O3 passivation layer
A surface plasmon (SP)-enhanced nanoporous GaN-based green LED based on top-down processing technology has... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1596-A1603 (2014)

Monolithic integration of GaN-based light-emitting diodes and metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors
In this study, we report a novel monolithically integrated GaN-based light-emitting diode (LED) with... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1589-A1595 (2014)

Resonance-induced absorption enhancement in colloidal quantum dot solar cells using nanostructured electrodes
The application of nanostructured indium-doped tin oxide (ITO) electrodes as diffraction gratings for light... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1576-A1588 (2014)

Two-axis tracking using translation stages for a lens-to-channel waveguide solar concentrator
A two-axis tracking scheme designed for <250x concentration realized by a single-axis mechanical tracker... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1567-A1575 (2014)

Enhancement of the evanescent wave coupling effect in a sub-wavelength-sized GaAs/AlGaAs ridge structure by low-refractive-index surface layers
We have investigated the three-dimensional emission patterns of GaAs/AlGaAs ridge structures with a... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1559-A1566 (2014)

Size dependence of silica nanospheres embedded in 385 nm ultraviolet light-emitting diodes on a far-field emission pattern
We demonstrate that the use of silica nanospheres (SNs) with sizes close to the emission wavelength of... Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1553-A1558 (2014)