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  • Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 4, pp.B1-B7 (2015)
  • Können, Gunther P; Tinbergen, Jaap; Stammes, Piet
  • Sirius was spotted with the naked eye at broad daylight by looking along the finder of a 1 m telescope on La Palma Observatory at a 2370 m height. Sun elevation was 73°;...

  • Applied Optics, Vol. 54 Issue 4, pp.B8-B11 (2015)
  • Lynch, David K
  • The angular diameter of Snell’s window as a function of maximum wave slope is calculated. For flat water the diameter is 97° and increases up to about 122° when the...

  • JOSA B, Vol. 31 Issue 11, pp.C1-C7 (2014)
  • Destouches, Nathalie; Martínez-García, Juan; Hébert, Mathieu; Crespo-Monteiro, Nicolas; Vitrant, Guy; Liu, Zeming; Trémeau, Alain; Vocanson, Francis; Pigeon, Florent; Reynaud, Stéphanie; Lefkir, Yaya
  • This paper deals with the colorimetric properties of silver nanoparticle gratings buried in a dense titania film that result from a continuous wave laser-induced self-organization...

  • JOSA B, Vol. 31 Issue 11, pp.C8-C14 (2014)
  • Bulgakova, Nadezhda M; Zhukov, Vladimir P; Meshcheryakov, Yuri P; Gemini, Laura; Brajer, Jan; Rostohar, Danijela; Mocek, Tomas
  • Numerical simulations based on Maxwell’s equations have been performed for gaining deep insight into the processes governing laser light absorption in transparent dielectrics in...

  • Applied Optics, Vol. 53 Issue 31, pp.I1-I9 (2014)
  • Artusio-Glimpse, Alexandra B; Schuster, Daniel G; Gomes, Mario W; Swartzlander, Grover A
  • The intensity-dependent rocking frequency of an illuminated semicylindrical refractive rod (or “optical wing”) on a flat, nonslip surface is investigated. Both...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1389-A1398 (2014)
  • Xie, Peng; Lin, Huichuan; Liu, Yong; Li, Baojun
  • We present a waveguide coupling approach for planar waveguide solar concentrator. In this approach, total internal reflection (TIR)-based symmetric air prisms are used as couplers to...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1399-A1399 (2014)
  • He, Jing; Du, Songtao; Wang, Ziwei; Wang, Zhaokun; Zhou, Jun; Lou, Qihong
  • A typing error in our manuscript is reported and corrected.

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1400-A1411 (2014)
  • Zhang, Xuanru; Huang, Qiuping; Hu, Jigang; Knize, Randy J; Lu, Yalin
  • A metallic hole-array structure was inserted into a tandem solar cell structure as an intermediate electrode, which allows a further fabrication of a novel and efficient hybrid...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1412-A1421 (2014)
  • Nirmal, Amoolya; Kyaw, Aung Ko Ko; Sun, Xiao Wei; Demir, Hilmi Volkan
  • Microstructured porous zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film was developed and demonstrated as an electron selective layer for enhancing light scattering and efficiency in inverted organic...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1422-A1430 (2014)
  • Schneider, Bennett W; Lal, Niraj N; Baker-Finch, Simeon; White, Thomas P
  • Perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells show potential to reach > 30% conversion efficiency, but require careful optical control. We introduce here an effective...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1431-A1439 (2014)
  • Kim, Inho; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Wook Seong; Kim, Won Mok; Lee, Taek-Sung; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Song, Jong-Han; Kim, Joon-Kon; Lee, Kyeong-Seok
  • The use of ultrathin c-Si (crystalline silicon) wafers thinner than 20 μm for solar cells is a very promising approach to realize dramatic reduction in cell cost. However, the...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1440-A1452 (2014)
  • Römer, Friedhard; Witzigmann, Bernd
  • We investigate the effect of the epitaxial structure and the acceptor doping profile on the efficiency droop in InGaN/GaN LEDs by the physics based simulation of experimental internal...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1453-A1461 (2014)
  • Fountaine, Katherine T; Atwater, Harry A
  • We analyze mesoscale light absorption and carrier collection in a tandem junction photoelectrochemical device using electromagnetic simulations. The tandem device consists of silicon...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1462-A1468 (2014)
  • Tien, Ching-Ho; Chen, Ken-Yen; Hsu, Chen-Peng; Horng, Ray-Hua
  • The characteristics of high-voltage light-emitting diodes (HVLEDs) consisting of a 64-cell LED array were investigated by employing various LED structures. Two types of HVLED were...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1469-A1476 (2014)
  • Ziegler, Johannes; Haschke, Jan; Käsebier, Thomas; Korte, Lars; Sprafke, Alexander N; Wehrspohn, Ralf B
  • The influence of different black silicon (b-Si) front side textures prepared by inductively coupled reactive ion etching (ICP-RIE) on the performance of back-contacted back silicon...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1477-A1490 (2014)
  • Teng, Tun-Chien; Tseng, Li-Wei
  • This study proposes a slim planar apparatus for converting nonpolarized light from a light-emitting diode (LED) into an ultra-collimated linearly polarized beam uniformly emitted from...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1491-A1506 (2014)
  • Mao, Xianglong; Li, Hongtao; Han, Yanjun; Luo, Yi
  • Designing an illumination system for a surface light source with a strict compactness requirement is quite challenging, especially for the general three-dimensional (3D) case. In...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1507-A1518 (2014)
  • Cho, Doo-Hee; Shin, Jin-Wook; Joo, Chul Woong; Lee, Jonghee; Park, Seung Koo; Moon, Jaehyun; Cho, Nam Sung; Chu, Hye Yong; Lee, Jeong-Ik
  • We examined the light diffusing effects of nano and micro-structures on microcavity designed OLEDs. The results of FDTD simulations and experiments showed that the pillar shaped...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1519-A1525 (2014)
  • Mohammad, Nabil; Wang, Peng; Friedman, Daniel J; Menon, Rajesh
  • We report the enhancement of photovoltaic output power by separating the incident spectrum into 3 bands, and concentrating these bands onto 3 different photovoltaic cells. The...

  • Optics Express, Vol. 22 Issue S6, pp.A1538-A1546 (2014)
  • Briones, Edgar; Cuadrado, Alexander; Briones, Joel; Díaz de León, Ramón; Martínez-Antón, Juan Carlos; McMurtry, Stefan; Hehn, Michel; Montaigne, François; Alda, Javier; González, Francisco Javier
  • Arrays of metallic thermocouples in the shape of spiral nanoantennas are proposed as infrared detectors, which use the thermoelectric properties of the metallic interfaces to generate...
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