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Optics Letters (OL) provides rapid dissemination of new results in all areas of optics and photonics with short, original, peer-reviewed communications. The articles often describe research-in-progress, thus reflecting the leading edge in the "science of light." With an Impact Factor above a 3, OL is among the top-ranked journals in the Optics category.

Editor-in-Chief: Xi-Cheng Zhang, University of Rochester
ISSN: 0146-9592 | eISSN: 1539-4794
Frequency: Rapid article-at-a-time publication, issues twice monthly
2013 Impact Factor: 3.179

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2-μm wavelength, high-energy Ho:YLF chirped-pulse amplifier for mid-infrared OPCPA
A 2-μm wavelength laser delivering up to 39-mJ energy, ∼10  ps duration pulses at... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 4, pp.451-454 (2015)

Switchable dual-polarization external cavity tunable laser
An external cavity laser is demonstrated based on the hybrid integration of an InP-based gain element, a... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 4, pp.447-450 (2015)

Shaping volumetric light distribution through turbid media using real-time three-dimensional opto-acoustic feedback
Focusing light through turbid media represents a highly fascinating challenge in modern biophotonics. The... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 4, pp.443-446 (2015)

Doppler-broadened mid-infrared noise-immune cavity-enhanced optical heterodyne molecular spectrometry based on an optical parametric oscillator for trace gas detection
An optical parametric oscillator based Doppler-broadened (Db) noise-immune cavity-enhanced optical heterodyne... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 4, pp.439-442 (2015)

Direct fiber excitation with a digitally controlled solid state laser source
Mode division multiplexing has been mooted as a future technology to address the impending data crunch of... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 3, pp.435-438 (2015)

Hyperspectral time-resolved wide-field fluorescence molecular tomography based on structured light and single-pixel detection
We present a time-resolved fluorescence diffuse optical tomography platform that is based on wide-field... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 3, pp.431-434 (2015)

Resonant radiation in synchronously pumped passive Kerr cavities
We report theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies of resonant dispersive wave (DW) generation in... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 3, pp.427-430 (2015)

Controlling the carrier-envelope phase of single-cycle mid-infrared pulses with two-color filamentation
Carrier-envelope phase (CEP) of single-cycle pulses generated through two-color filamentation has been... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 3, pp.423-426 (2015)

Needles of light produced with a spherical mirror
We describe how laterally confined and axially stretched needles of light can be produced by focusing a... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 3, pp.419-422 (2015)

Effect of spatial coherence on damage occurrence in multimode optical fibers
We investigate the influence of spatial coherence on damage occurrence in highly multimode optical fibers... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 3, pp.415-418 (2015)

Vibration of low amplitude imaged in amplitude and phase by sideband versus carrier correlation digital holography
Sideband holography can be used to get field images (E0 and E1) of a vibrating object... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 3, pp.411-414 (2015)

Highly efficient 10  cm long fiber laser
We investigate an innovative multipass-pumping technique in a short photonic crystal fiber laser. The... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 3, pp.407-410 (2015)

Stable, high-power, Yb-fiber-based, picosecond ultraviolet generation at 355 nm using BiB3O6
We report a stable, high-power, high-repetition-rate, picosecond ultraviolet (UV) source at 355 nm based... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 3, pp.403-406 (2015)

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