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Optics Letters (OL) provides rapid dissemination of new results in all areas of optics and photonics with short, original, peer-reviewed communications. The articles often describe research-in-progress, thus reflecting the leading edge in the "science of light." With an Impact Factor above a 3, OL is among the top-ranked journals in the Optics category.

Editor-in-Chief: Xi-Cheng Zhang, University of Rochester
ISSN: 0146-9592 | eISSN: 1539-4794
Frequency: Rapid article-at-a-time publication, issues twice monthly
2013 Impact Factor: 3.179

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Twisted Gaussian Schell-model beams as series of partially coherent modified Bessel–Gauss beams
We show that twisted Gaussian Schell-model (TGSM) beams can be represented through an incoherent... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1587-1590 (2015)

Ultrafast all-optical technologies for bidirectional optical wireless communications
In this Letter, a spherical retro-modulator architecture is introduced for operation as a bidirectional... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1583-1586 (2015)

Long-range micro-pulse aerosol lidar at 1.5  μm with an upconversion single-photon detector
A micro-pulse lidar at eye-safe wavelength is constructed based on an upconversion single-photon detector.... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1579-1582 (2015)

On-sky demonstration of optimal control for adaptive optics at Palomar Observatory
High-order adaptive optics systems often suffer from significant computational latency, which ultimately... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1575-1578 (2015)

Plasmon ruler with gold nanorod dimers: utilizing the second-order resonance
The idea of utilizing the second-order plasmon resonance of gold nanorod π-dimers for plasmon rulers is... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1571-1574 (2015)

Kerr optical frequency comb generation in strontium fluoride whispering-gallery mode resonators with billion quality factor
We report the fabrication for the first time of a strontium fluoride (SrF2) whispering-gallery... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1567-1570 (2015)

Microfluidic channels with ultralow-loss waveguide crossings for various chip-integrated photonic sensors
Traditional silicon waveguides are defined by waveguide trenches on either side of the high-index silicon... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1563-1566 (2015)

First observation of the temperature-dependent light-induced response of Ge25As10Se65 thin films
Ge-rich ternary chalcogenide glasses (ChGs) exhibit photobleaching (PB) when illuminated with bandgap light.... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1559-1562 (2015)

Stimulated Raman scattering and nonlinear focusing of high-power laser beams propagating in water
The physical processes associated with propagation of a high-power (power > critical power for... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1556-1558 (2015)

Distributed feedback and random lasing in DCNP aggregates dispersed in a polymeric layer
Here, we report on the realization of random lasing (RL) and distributed feedback (DFB) lasing in a layer of... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1552-1555 (2015)

Positive operator-valued measure reconstruction of a beam-splitter tree-based photon-number-resolving detector
Here we present a reconstruction of the positive operator-value measurement of a photon-number-resolving... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1548-1551 (2015)

Universal polarization terahertz phase controllers using randomly aligned liquid crystal cells with graphene electrodes
We present a universal polarization terahertz (THz) phase controller using a randomly aligned liquid crystal... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1544-1547 (2015)

Shot-by-shot imaging of Hong–Ou–Mandel interference with an intensified sCMOS camera
We report the first observation of Hong–Ou–Mandel (HOM) interference of highly... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 7, pp.1540-1543 (2015)

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