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Optics Letters (OL) provides rapid dissemination of new results in all areas of optics and photonics with short, original, peer-reviewed communications. The articles often describe research-in-progress, thus reflecting the leading edge in the "science of light." With an Impact Factor above a 3, OL is among the top-ranked journals in the Optics category.

Editor-in-Chief: Xi-Cheng Zhang, University of Rochester
ISSN: 0146-9592 | eISSN: 1539-4794
Frequency: Rapid article-at-a-time publication, issues twice monthly
2013 Impact Factor: 3.179

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Backscatter ratios for arbitrary oriented hexagonal ice crystals of cirrus clouds
Three dimensionless ratios widely used for interpretation of lidar signals, i.e., the color ratio, lidar... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5788-5791 (2014)

Angle-insensitive and solar-blind ultraviolet bandpass filter
We present a metal–dielectric stack ultraviolet (UV) bandpass filter that rejects the longer... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5784-5787 (2014)

Systematic hole-shifting of L-type nanocavity with an ultrahigh Q factor
We report simple systematic hole-shifting rules applicable to any Lx (x:2,3,4,5,…) nanocavity. The... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5780-5783 (2014)

Coded aperture pair for quantitative phase imaging
This Letter proposes a novel quantitative phase-imaging approach by optically encoding light fields into a... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5776-5779 (2014)

Ultrafast pump–probe spectroscopy in gallium arsenide at 25 T
We have performed high-fluence, nondegenerate pump–probe spectroscopy in the Split Florida-Helix... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5772-5775 (2014)

Optimization of integrated polarization filters
This study reports on the design of small footprint, integrated polarization filters based on engineered... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5768-5771 (2014)

Self-imaging technique for beam collimation
A simple collimation technique based on measuring the period of one self-image produced by a diffraction... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5764-5767 (2014)

Radiative effects driven by shock waves in cavity-less four-wave mixing combs
We investigate the frequency comb spectrum produced in an optical fiber via multiple four-wave mixing pumped... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5760-5763 (2014)

Enhanced photoabsorption in front-tapered single-nanowire solar cells
Vertically aligned single-nanowire is verified to be a unique building block to realize the high-efficiency... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5756-5759 (2014)

1.9 octave supercontinuum generation in a As2S3 step-index fiber driven by mid-IR OPCPA
Using a 3.1-μm optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier (OPCPA), we generate a supercontinuum in a... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5752-5755 (2014)

Sensitivity of coherent anti-Stokes Raman lineshape to time asymmetry of laser pulses
We show that coherent anti-Stokes Raman lineshapes do not follow known spectral profiles if the time... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5748-5751 (2014)

Focusing dual-wavelength surface plasmons to the same focal plane by a far-field plasmonic lens
In this Letter, we demonstrate the nanoscale focusing of surface plasmons (SPs) at two different wavelengths... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5744-5747 (2014)

Reduced-phase dual-illumination interferometer for measuring large stepped objects
We present a reduced-phase dual-illumination interferometer (RPDII) that measures the topography of a sample... Optics Letters, Vol. 39 Issue 19, pp.5740-5743 (2014)