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Optics Letters (OL) provides rapid dissemination of new results in all areas of optics and photonics with short, original, peer-reviewed communications. The articles often describe research-in-progress, thus reflecting the leading edge in the "science of light." With an Impact Factor above a 3, OL is among the top-ranked journals in the Optics category.

Editor-in-Chief: Xi-Cheng Zhang, University of Rochester
ISSN: 0146-9592 | eISSN: 1539-4794
Frequency: Rapid article-at-a-time publication, issues twice monthly
2013 Impact Factor: 3.179

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Temporal phase conjugation based on time-domain holography
A novel, simple method for wavelength-preserving temporal phase conjugation (TPC) of complex optical... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.127-130 (2015)

Coherent supercontinuum generation in a silicon photonic wire in the telecommunication wavelength range
We demonstrate a fully coherent supercontinuum spectrum spanning 500 nm from a silicon-on-insulator... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.123-126 (2015)

In situ non-perturbative temperature measurement in a Cs alkali laser
The two-dimensional (2D) temperature profiles of an active-gain medium in a Cs + methane diode pumped alkali... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.119-122 (2015)

Concatenation of surface plasmon resonance sensors in a single optical fiber using tilted fiber Bragg gratings
An inline multichannel surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor scheme excited with tilted fiber Bragg gratings... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.115-118 (2015)

Enhancing optical isolator performance in nonreciprocal waveguide arrays
We investigate the operation of optical isolators based on magneto-optics waveguide arrays beyond the coupled... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.111-114 (2015)

Wavelength conversion in modulated coupled-resonator systems and their design via an equivalent linear filter representation
We propose wavelength converters based on modulated coupled resonators that achieve conversion by matching... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.107-110 (2015)

Controlling thermo-optic response in microresonators using bimaterial cantilevers
We demonstrate a novel platform to control the thermo-optic sensitivity in nanophotonic devices by evanescent... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.103-106 (2015)

High-power diode lasers at 1178  nm with high beam quality and narrow spectra
High-power distributed Bragg reflector tapered diode lasers (DBR-TPLs) at 1180 nm were developed based... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.100-102 (2015)

Precise evaluation of the Helmholtz equation for optical propagation
A precise computational integration of the Helmholtz equation was performed for laser propagation of an... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.97-99 (2015)

Experimental demonstration of sharp Fano resonance within binary gold nanodisk array through lattice coupling effects
Fano resonance originating from the interaction of anti-phased and in-phased lattice collective resonances... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.93-96 (2015)

High-energy chirped- and divided-pulse Sagnac femtosecond fiber amplifier
We report on the generation of 1.1-mJ, 300-fs pulses at 50 kHz by implementing an amplifier architecture... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.89-92 (2015)

Calibration-free sinusoidal rectification and uniform retinal irradiance in scanning light ophthalmoscopy
Sinusoidal rectification (i.e., desinusoiding) is necessary for scanning imaging systems and is typically... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.85-88 (2015)

All-fiber DFB laser operating at 2.8  μm
Single-frequency laser emission from a distributed feedback all-fiber laser operating in the vicinity of... Optics Letters, Vol. 40 Issue 1, pp.81-84 (2015)