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Experimental verification of performance improvement for a gigabit WDM visible light communication system utilizing asymmetrically clipped optical OFDM

  • Yiguang Wang, Yuanquan Wang, and Nan Chi
  • received 05/02/2014; accepted 08/16/2014; posted 08/18/2014; Doc. ID 210591
  • [full text: PDF (1264) KB)]
  • Abstract: Asymmetrically clipped optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ACO-OFDM) has been a promising candidate in visible light communications (VLC) due to its improvement on power efficiency and reduction on nonlinearity based on previous simulation analysis. In this paper, for the first time as far as we know, we experimentally verify that ACO-OFDM would be an efficient scheme to improve the performance of a gigabit WDM visible light communication system. Our theoretical investigations reveal that the advantages of ACO-OFDM can be attributed to the increase of modulation depth and the reduction of inter-subcarrier interference (ISI) caused by signal-signal beating noise. The aggregate data rate of 1.05 Gb/s is successfully achieved over 30-cm transmission below the 7% forward-error-correction (FEC) threshold of 3.8x10-3. The experimental results show that ACO-OFDM can outperform DC-biased optical OFDM (DCO-OFDM) by BER performance of 1.5dB at the same data rate, which clearly demonstrates the benefit and feasibility of ACO-OFDM.

Keywords (OCIS):

  • (060.4510) Fiber optics and optical communications : Optical communications
  • (230.3670) Optical devices : Light-emitting diodes
  • (060.2605) Fiber optics and optical communications : Free-space optical communication


Effects of Polarization on stimulated Brillouin Scattering in a birefringent optical fiber

  • Daisy Williams, Xiaoyi Bao, and Liang Chen
  • received 05/16/2014; accepted 07/28/2014; posted 07/31/2014; Doc. ID 211919
  • [full text: PDF (623) KB)]
  • Abstract: The most general model of elliptical birefringence in an optical fiber has been developed for a steady-state and transient stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) interaction. The impact of the elliptical birefringence is to induce a Brillouin frequency shift and distort the Brillouin spectrum – which varies with different light polarizations, pulse widths, and relative pulse delays of the pump and Stokes waves. The model investigates the effects of birefringence and the corresponding evolution of spectral distortion effects along the fiber, and proposes corresponding methods of spectral shape correction – providing a valuable prediction tool for distributed sensing applications.

Keywords (OCIS):

  • (060.2310) Fiber optics and optical communications : Fiber optics
  • (190.4370) Nonlinear optics : Nonlinear optics, fibers
  • (260.1440) Physical optics : Birefringence
  • (260.5430) Physical optics : Polarization
  • (290.5900) Scattering : Scattering, stimulated Brillouin


Electromagnetic chirality induced by graphene inclusions in multi-layered metamaterials

  • Alessandro Ciattoni, Carlo Rizza, and Elia Palange
  • received 01/27/2014; accepted 06/20/2014; posted 06/25/2014; Doc. ID 205455
  • [full text: PDF (311) KB)]
  • Abstract: We theoretically investigate the electromagnetic response of a novel class of multi-layered metamaterials obtained by alternating graphene sheets and dielectric layers, the whole structure not exhibiting a plane of reflection symmetry along the stacking direction. We show that the electromagnetic response of the structure is characterized by a magneto-electric coupling described by an effective chiral parameter. Exploiting the intrinsic tunability of the graphene-light coupling, we prove that one can tune both the dielectric and the chiral electromagnetic response by varying the graphene chemical potential through external voltage gating.

Keywords (OCIS):

  • (230.4170) Optical devices : Multilayers
  • (160.3918) Materials : Metamaterials
  • (250.5403) Optoelectronics : Plasmonics

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