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Optical Sensors (2012)

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  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.1
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Lanclos, Donna M; Ferrara, Angela M; Davies, Matthew A; Evans, Chris J; Suleski, Thomas J
  • Ethnographic research is used to reveal the nature of collaborative optical engineering work between team members of different backgrounds. Observations in an academic environment are...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.10
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Schröder, Sven; von Finck, Alexander; Herffurth, Tobias; Duparré, Angela
  • Light scattering methods are extremely capable for the characterization of optical surfaces. This will be demonstrated for different applications ranging from anisotropic...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.11
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Han, Zhigang; Chen, Lei; Xu, Zhi
  • Transmittance spectral interferograms were obtained to understand the birefringence dispersion of quartz crystal with fast axis orientation unknown. The interferograms have uniform...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.12
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Gleason, Benn; Wachtel, Peter; Musgraves, J David; Richardson, Kathleen A
  • The physical, structural, and optical properties of Schott IG5 were quantified and compared prior to and following precision glass molding.

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.13
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Cordero-Davila, Alberto; Kantún-Montiel, Juana Rosaura; González-García, Jorge
  • A new method to evaluate local and global errors on freeform surfaces is reported. The experimental birronchigram image is reproduced by simulating birronchigrams images. We do not use...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.17
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Castro Camus, Enrique
  • The introduction of novel polarization-sensitive photoconductive sensors has considerably broadened the information that can be obtained in single-scan time-domain spectroscopy...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.19
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Pan, Min-Cheng; Chen, Liang-Yu; Yu, Jhao-Ming; Chiang, Hung-Chih; Ciou, Jian-Jhong; Pan, Min-Chun; Sun, Sheng-Yih; Chou, Chia-Cheng; Hsu, Ya-Fen
  • System verification and the reconstructed optical-property images of breast-like phantoms and biological tissue are presented using a ring-scanning-based imaging system of...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.2
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Katz, Philip; Lynch, Timothy; Magill, Alexander; Maag-Tanchack, Jakob; Ellis, Jonathan D
  • Research was conducted on the belts used in OptiPro’s UltraForm Finishing (UFF) system to better understand the fundamental mechanics of wear and material removal rates during...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.21
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Yu, Jhao-Ming; Chen, Liang-Yu; Pan, Min-Chun; Chiang, Hung-Chih; Pan, Min-Cheng; Sun, Sheng-Yih; Chou, Chia-Cheng; Hsu, Ya-Fen
  • Comparison is made among several different imaging configurations in order to evaluate how the source-and-detector arrangement affects the resulting image. Results show that the 3Z1S...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.23
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Stoker, David; Matlin, Erik
  • We propose an estimation theoretic framework for Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM). Simulation results suggest that SIM can be made less susceptible to noise and illumination...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.24
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Zhang, Yupeng; Ueda, Toshitsugu
  • This paper demonstrates a ringing reduction method for radially restored images, whose blurred versions are produced by a spherical single lens imaging system (SSLIS) embedded in an...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.25
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Scherger, Benedikt; Koch, Martin
  • We present a collection of new low cost quasi-optical terahertz (THz) devices. Including wave plates made from ordinary copy paper, lenses made from micro powders and liquid filled...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.26
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • bryanh@cs nuim ie, Bryan Hennelly; Healy, John J
  • Digital Holographic Microscopy enables capture of quantitative phase images.With low exposure time the phase is significantly effected with a noise preventing efficient unwrapping. We...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.27
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Stoker, David; Wedd, Jonathan
  • We developed a light field telescope to simultaneously increase magnification and depth-of-field for biometric applications at large (>20 m) standoff distance. We discuss infrared...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.29
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Muenzel, Stefan; Waller, Laura; Fleischer, Jason W
  • We enhance layered 3D displays using a lens placed in front of or in between attenuation layers, which improves resolution or field-of-view of the display. In addition, we...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.3
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Griesmann, Ulf; Wang, Quandou; Soons, Johannes
  • Metrology holograms are critical for interferometric testing of precision aspheric and free-form surfaces with low uncertainty. We describe a new facility for fabrication and research...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.31
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Lopes, Paulo; Simões, Pedro; Ferreira, Mario F S
  • We report the fabrication of 3-point only Long Period Gratings (LPG) with a CO2 Laser. Using a high precision translational system, short LPG are obtained, while keeping good sensing...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.4
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Suzuki, Takamasa; Atsumi, Satoshi; Sasaki, Osami; Choi, Samuel
  • This study proposes low-coherence interferometry based on wavelet transform. This method can simultaneously detect the peak position and frequency of a signal. The use of this method...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.6
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Izazaga Pérez, Rafael; Granados-Agustin, Fermin S; Percino-Zacarias, Ma Elizabeth; Carrasco-Licea, Esperanza
  • We present an optical testing method for the fabrication of a hyperbolic mirror of 6.5-m diameter using a small aperture interferometer. A conic that best fits an off-axis conic...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2012 paper: JTu5A.7
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • González-García, Jorge; Cordero-Davila, Alberto; Izazaga, Rafael
  • Dragging forces exerted on a fixed Teflon tool, for several relative velocities of the tool center and polisher densities were measured. Therefore a model for frictional forces that...
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