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Optical Sensors (2013)

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  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.1
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Pan, Jie; Isautier, Pierre; Ralph, Stephen E
  • A digital time domain or frequency domain pre-shaping is proposed and demonstrated for combating narrowband filtering impairments in terabit “superchannel” applications,...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.10
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Bitincka, E; Kleijn, Emil; Smit, Meint K
  • In this paper we analyze both theoretically and experimentally the accuracy of the Fabry-Perot measurement method and describe how it can be improved.

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.11
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • HUANG, ZUN; Narimanov, Evgenii
  • We describe a novel zero-th order transmission resonance in a Fabry-Perot resonator with planar hyperbolic metamaterials. This resonance combines sub-wavelength light confinement with...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.12
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Wakabayashi, Yuu; Yamauchi, Junji; Nakano, Hisamatsu
  • We develop the FDTD method based on the trapezoidal recursive convolution technique to analyze metallic periodic structures at oblique incidence. The results from the FDTD method agree...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.13
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Guyot, Clément; Ulliac, Gwenn; Gerthoffer, Arnaud; Dahdah, Jean; Sadani, Benattou; Guichardaz, Blandine; Salut, Roland; Bernal, Maria-Pilar; Baida, Fadi; Courjal, Nadège
  • A five micrometer long Bragg grating in titanium indiffused lithium niobate ridge waveguide was fabricated by combining optical grade dicing and Focused Ion Beam. The 53% reflectivity...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.14
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Roussey, Matthieu; Stenberg, Petri; Bera, Arijit; Kuittinen, Markku; Honkanen, Seppo
  • We propose and investigate a Silicon slotted Bragg grating waveguide coated with Titanium dioxide by Atomic Layer Deposition. The theoretical study, the fabrication process and the...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.15
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Santos, Rui; Barcones Campo, Beatriz; Smit, Meint K; Leijtens, Xaveer
  • On-wafer probing of optical signals offers powerful means for assessing the fabrication process quality of photonic integrated circuits. We describe the fabrication and...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.16
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Liu, Qiang (Jocelyn); Johnston, Benjamin F; Gross, Simon; Withford, Michael J; Steel, Michael J
  • We report femtosecond laser direct writing of single mode waveguides in a range of magneto-optical glasses. Significant photodarkening, produced as a fabrication byproduct and...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.17
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Wang, Bingnan; Kojima, Keisuke; Koike-Akino, Toshiaki; Parsons, Kieran; Nishikawa, Satoshi; Yagyu, Eiji
  • We present a design of an integrated beam combiner which cascades power combiners and polarization converter/combiner. The proposed device has 2 dB lower loss than power combiners and...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.18
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Wong, Sheng-Hsien; Wei, Tso-Yun; Tsai, Wan-Shao; Wang, Way Seen
  • Field distributions of 1-to-N multimode interference optical power splitters with two cascaded multimode interference regions are calculated. An improved objective function is...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.19
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Liu, Hsuan-Hao; Chang, Hung-Chun
  • Leaky surface waves are found to exist at an interface between isotropic material with negative permittivity and uniaxially anisotropic material. Analytical solution is derived for...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.2
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Rongshan, Wang; Rui, Ding; Xiaobo, Ren; Zhiyuan, Huang; Fan, Zhang
  • A low-complexity and single-stage carrier phase recovery algorithm is presented for 16QAM coherent optical transmission systems. It is shown that the algorithm achieves better...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.20
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Barh, Ajanta; Rahman, B m A; Varshney, Ravi K; Pal, Bishnu P
  • Design of a silicon-based polarization converter through phase matched power coupling between TE and TM modes is presented. Conversion efficiency up to 90% is feasible at 3 μm...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.21
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Melnikov, Igor V; Nazarkin, Mikhail Y; Shuliatyev, Alexei; Machnev, Andrey A; Gromov, Dmitry G
  • The modification of the end-face reflection for a single-mode fiber is observed and that is due to an array of ZnO nanowires with 40- to 50-nm diameter and 1-micron length deposited...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.22
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Rahman, Azizur B
  • Novel concept of a cross-slot optical waveguide is presented which confines power in the slot region for both the quasi-TE and TM polarizations. Optimization of power confinements is...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.23
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Sharma, Nimmi C; Barnes, John E
  • The development of an imaging lidar system allows high resolution (sub-meter) near-ground atmospheric aerosol measurements and enables aerosol light scattering measurements all the way...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.24
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Shioda, Tatsutoshi; Tuan, Banh Q
  • A spatially-resolved spectroscopy is developed based on a time-domain tomography to measure the reflectance and transmittance of materials. Power transmittance of a known filter sample...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.25
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Sharma, Narendra; Meyer, Donna M; Abolmaaty, Assem
  • Fluorescence scanner was used to detect and quantify K12 bacteria in water to a detection limit of 3800 CFU/mL by correlating quantum dot fluorescence signal intensity to number of...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.26
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Rodriguez Cobo, Luis; Lomer, Mauro; Cobo, Adolfo; Lopez-Higuera, Jose-Miguel
  • A processing scheme to enhance the speckle sensitivity to dynamic perturbation has been proposed and tested. Considering different areas within speckle patterns where highest order...

  • Optical Sensors (Sensors) 2013 paper: JT3A.27
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Castrellon-Uribe, Jesus; Lomer, Mauro; Roufael, Hany; Rodriguez-Cobo, Luis; Lopez-Higuera, Jose Miguel
  • This paper describes the manufacture of long period gratings (LPG) for liquid concentration sensing. The LPGs are made in perfluorinated polymer optical fiber point to point using a...
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