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Slow and Fast Light (2009)

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  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JMA1
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Baba, Toshihiko; Sasaki, Hirokazu; Adachi, Jun; Ishikura, Norihiro; Hamachi, Yohei; Yamada, Koshiro; Saito, Yuji
  • Photonic crystal slow light waveguides are demonstrated with a large delay-bandwidth product over 100, picosecond pulse transmission and tunable delay. The nonlinear enhancement based...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JMA2
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Morichetti, Francesco; Ferrari, Carlo; Canciamilla, Antonio; Torregiani, Matteo; Melloni, Andrea; Samarelli, Antonio; De La Rue, Richard; Sorel, Marc
  • The state-of-the-art of coupled resonator optical waveguides made of chains of ring resonators in glass and SOI platforms is reviewed. Issues concerning technology, design, limits and...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JMA3
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Belotti, Michele; Galli, Matteo; Gerace, Dario; Andreani, Lucio C; Guizzetti, Giorgio; Md Zain, Ahmad R; Johnson, Nigel P; Sorel, Marc; De La Rue, Richard M
  • All optical switching in a silicon-on-insulator wire with a 1D photonic crystal nanocavity with ultra-high quality factor operating at telecom wavelengths is presented. Switching is...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JMA4
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Tsakmakidis, Kosmas; Hess, Ortwin
  • We provide an overview of "trapped rainbow" techniques for stopping light. We show that guided modes with real propagation constant and complex frequency can be "trapped...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JMA5
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Krauss, Thomas F; Beggs, Daryl M; White, Thomas P; O'Faolain, Liam; Kampfrath, Tobias; Kuipers, L (Kobus)
  • Photonic crystal slow light waveguides enable modulators with high speed and large bandwidth. Group indices of 30-40 are achieved with low loss and we demonstrate modulators of <100...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JTuB25
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Belthangady, Chinmay N; Du, Shengwang; Chuu, Chih-Sung; Yin, Guang-Yu; Harris, Stephen E
  • We describe a proof-of-principle experiment demonstrating a Fourier technique for measuring the shape of biphoton wavepackets that vary rapidly as compared to the speed of available...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JTuB26
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Weiss, Ori; Scheuer, Jacob
  • SCARECROW structure is presented. Degeneracy Removal of SCISSOR by ring to ring coupling shows band split and middle Brillouin zone zero group velocities. Pulse propagation, finite and...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JTuB27
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Wei, Lei; Xue, Weiqi; Chen, Yaohui; Alkeskjold, Thomas Tanggaard; Anders, Bjarklev
  • Electrically tunable liquid crystal photonic bandgap fiber device based optically-fed microwave true-time delay is demonstrated. A maximum ~60° phase shift and an averaged ~7.2ps true...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JTuB28
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Wu, Fang-Ming; Peng, Peng-Chun; Lan, Ruei-Long; Chen, Jye-Hong; Lin, Chun-Ting; Chi, Sien
  • This work experimentally demonstrates a tunable optical delay line using a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL). Tunable delays for 10 Gbit/s data signal are achieved by...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JWA26
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Melle, Sonia; Antón, Miguel A; Carreño, Fernando; Arrieta-Yañez, Francisco; Calderon, Oscar G
  • We present a theoretical study of the slow and fast light propagation in semiconductor optical amplifiers based on coherent population oscillations. By modulating the injection current...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JWA27
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Zhang, Yundong; Liu, Shuangqiang; Wu, Hao; He, Zhusong; Yuan, Ping
  • Slow light and superluminal were both observed in Cs atomic vapor without any couple field. By only changing the signal modulate frequency, the light propagation changes from...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JWA29
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Arrieta-Yañez, Francisco; Calderon, Oscar G; Melle, Sonia; Carreño, Fernando; Anton, Miguel Angle
  • We report a change in the propagation regime (subluminal-superluminal) of light pulses in a pumped erbium doped fiber. We explain this behavior as a propagation effect. A pulse-width...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JWB1
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Monat, Christelle; Corcoran, B; Grillet, C; Ebnali-Heidari, M; Moss, D J; Eggleton, B J; White, T P; O'Faolain, L; Krauss, T F
  • We experimentally investigate the slow light enhancement of nonlinear effects such as self-phase modulation, two-photon absorption and free carriers, through dispersion-engineered...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JWB2
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Chin, Sanghoon; Gonzalez-Herraez, Miguel; Thévenaz, Luc
  • We demonstrate experimentally a new configuration to realize zero-broadening slow light. The inevitable pulse broadening in the slow light medium was completely compensated by a...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JWB3
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Govindan, Vishnupriya; Blair, Steve
  • We study the effects of pulse distortion on four-wave mixing (FWM) for different slow-light architectures. REMZI has the highest FWM conversion. Distortion constraint limits the FWM...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JWB4
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Harris, Steve
  • We generate photons with sub-natural linewidths and temporal lengths that are sufficiently long that they may be easily modulated. Results include a new technique for measuring the...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: JWB5
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Babbitt, Wm Randall; Barber, Zeb W
  • Spectrally structured optical materials have the ability to process broadband signals, including performing true-time-delay and spectral filtering. This paper reviews the theory and...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: PDJWA30
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Hayashi, Nobuhito; Fujisawa, Akihiko; Mitsunaga, Masaharu
  • We theoretically study propagation behavior of probe (signal) and Stokes (idler) pulses under a strong coupling beam. The analyses predict that both pulses are parametrically amplified...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: PDPC1
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Zadok, Avi; Chin, Sanghoon; Zilka, Elad; Eyal, Avishay; Thévenaz, Luc; Tur, Moshe
  • Stimulated Brillouin scattering slow light delay is shown to introduce an inherent polarization mode dispersion, which can dominate the broadening and distortion of signal pulses. The...

  • Slow and Fast Light (SL) 2009 paper: PDPC2
  • OSA Technical Digest (CD)
  • Lee, Michael W; Grillet, Christian; Tomljenovic-Hanic, Snjezana; Moss, Dave; Eggleton, Benjamin J; Gai, Xin; Madden, Steve; Choi, Duck Y; Bulla, Douglas; Luther-Davies, Barry
  • We present the first demonstration of a high-Q (~60000) photonic crystal (PhC) cavity formed post-fabrication by locally modifying the refractive index of a PhC made of a...
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