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Laser Science (2012)

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  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM3I.1
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Stapelfeldt, Henrik
  • Femtosecond time-resolved imaging of 1) Photoelectron emission from strong field ionization of rotating molecules and 2) Torsion of a chiral molecule is presented. The measurements are...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM3I.2
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Mikosch, Jochen; Spanner, Michael; Boguslavskiy, Andrey; Wilkinson, Iain; Patchkovskii, Serguei; Stolow, Albert
  • Channel-resolved Above-Threshold Ionization (CRATI) reveals the multiple electronic continua underlying many emerging attosecond strong field molecular spectroscopies. CRATI...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM3I.3
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Dunlap, Barbara; Wilson, Kristina; McCamant, David
  • 2D-FSRS can be implemented as either a 5th- or 7th-order nonlinear spectroscopy to probe vibrational anharmonicity with femtosecond laser pulses. Herein, we explore the effects of...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM3I.4
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • K├╝pper, Jochen
  • We have exploited electric fields to control the translations and rotations of complex molecules. This allows for the preparation of state-, size-, and structural-isomer selected...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM3I.5
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Villafana, Tana; Samineni, Prathyush; Warren, Warren S; Fischer, Martin
  • Nonlinear optical pump-probe microscopy is able to sensitively extract excited state dynamics from historical art pigments. This technique allows three-dimensional imaging and...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM3J.1
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Roumpos, Georgios; Hunter, Andrew; Cundiff, Steven T
  • Careful measurements of the excitonic response to varying coherent states allow the excitonic response to other quantum statistics to be determined. Using this method, we show that...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM3J.2
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Taylor, Jake
  • I will discuss recent advances towards implementation of nonlinear photonic devices for quantum information processing and quantum simulation of topological phases of matter, using...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM3J.3
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Amo, Alberto; Abbarchi, Marco; Hivet, Romain; Flayac, Hugo; Solnyshkov, Dmitry D; Tanese, Dimitrii; Boulier, Thomas; Andreoli, Daria; Giacobino, Elisabeth; Bloch, Jacqueline; Bramati, Alberto; Malpuech, Guillaume
  • Exciton-polaritons are mixed light-matter particles in semiconductor microcavities. They form boson condensates with striking properties like superfluidity, nucleation of...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM3J.4
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Savona, Vincenzo; Liew, Timothy C H
  • We show that quantum correlations - multipartite entangled states of photons - can arise in arrays of weakly nonlinear cavities from the interplay of small nonlinear energy shifts and...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM4J.1
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Steel, Duncan
  • Optical control of negatively charged InAs quantum dots demonstrates control of both the nuclear spin fluctuations and electronic state preparation. Measurements show control of the...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM4J.2
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Badolato, Antonio
  • Much in physics is explained through an understanding of harmonic oscillation, but nonlinearity makes physics more exciting and greatly contributes for its many applications. Optical...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM4J.3
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Acosta, Victor
  • We seek control over the spectral properties of diamond NV centers by dynamic Stark tuning and cavity Purcell enhancement . We discuss fabrication of photonic networks in ultra-pure...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LM4J.4
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Grinolds, Michael; Hong, Sungkun; Maletinsky, Patrick; Luan, Lan; Yacoby, Amir
  • We have developed a scanning nitrogen-vacancy center magnetometer with unprecedented sensitivity and spatial resolution, which operates under ambient conditions. Here we present...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LTh1H.1
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Midorikawa, Katsumi
  • We successfully generated multigigawatt isolated attosecond pulses for investigating attosecond nonlinear phenomena in atoms and molecules. Pulse duration of the isolated attosecond...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LTh1H.2
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • fleischer, avner; Sidorenko, Pavel; Cohen, Oren
  • We propose a method for significantly upshifting the frequency of a circularly-polarized visible/ultraviolet light, obtaining highly circularly-polarized extreme-ultraviolet radiation,...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LTh1H.3
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Sansone, Giuseppe
  • Advances in the generation of XUV pulses are pushing the frontier of time-resolved investigations down to the attosecond regime, opening new perspectives for the control of the...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LTh1H.4
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Kfir, Ofer; Sidorenko, Pavel; Paul, Ariel; Popmintchev, Tenio; Kapteyn, Henry C; Murnane, Margaret; Cohen, Oren
  • We show, theoretically and experimentally, that the regime of pressure-tuning phase-matching in high harmonic generation is extended to shorter wavelengths when the process is driven...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LTh1H.5
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Kalinski, Matt
  • Stability sensitivity of asymmetric Langmuir configurations in single atom doped elliptical quantum dots filled with two electrons is discovered to small changes of electric and...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LTh1I.1
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • D'Aguanno, Giuseppe; Mattiucci, Nadia; Bloemer, Mark
  • We investigate the field localization in 2-D photonic crystals with defect resonances for all-optical switching applications. These resonances achieve extremely high Q factors ~108 and...

  • Laser Science (LS) 2012 paper: LTh1I.2
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Bissell, Luke; Goldberg, David; Lukishova, Svetlana G; Menon, Vinod M
  • We have fabricated quantum-dot-doped 1D photonic-bandgap microcavities comprised of Bragg reflectors with a defect layer. Coupling of QD emission to the cavity mode with Q ~ 300 and...
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