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Biomedical Topical Meeting (2004)

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  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FA1
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Lin, Charles
  • Article not available.

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FA3
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Tan, Wei; Sendemir-Urkmez, Aylin; Fahrner, Lester John; Jamison, Russell Douglas; Leckband, Deborah E; Boppart, Stephen Allen
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT), confocal, and multiphoton microscopy are used to nondestructively monitor in situ cell distribution and cell-matrix interaction in 3-D engineered...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FE5
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Torricelli, Alessandro; Pifferi, Antonio; Spinelli, Lorenzo; Cubeddu, Rinaldo; Quaresima, Valentina; Ferrari, Marco
  • A multichannel time-resolved instrument for functional brain imaging studies was developed and characterized. Measurements were performed on volunteers to monitor the response to...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FE7
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Michalos, Antonios
  • We verified that we indeed “see the brain,” using near-infrared spectroscopy and the frequency-domain multi-distance approach during selective ischemia by applying a scalp tourniquet...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FF6
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Kienle, Alwin; Forster, Florian Klaus; Goedecke, Marcel; Hibst, Raimund
  • The dependance of light progagation in dentin and enamel on their microstructures is investigated using a 4π-goniometer and a collimated transmittance apparatus. A pronounced...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FG2
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Marin, Nena M; Chang, S K; Richards-Kortum, R; MacKinnon, N; MacAulay, C; Atkinson, E N; Serachitopol, D; Follen, M; Cox, D
  • The analysis of standards measurements for a large clinical trial employing fluorescence spectroscopy shows that a well designed set of standards and frequent measurement should be...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FH18
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Stamper, Debra L; Chilek, Mark J; McLay, Lisa; Adams, Samuel B; Demacus, Charles; Brezinski, Mark E
  • Using optical coherence tomography, changes in the polarization sensitivity of pig menisci were detected both in healthy and enzymatically degraded samples.

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FH2
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Liu, Yang; Chen, Kun; Ameer, Guillermo A; Backman, Vadim
  • We describe a new concept that utilizes multi-layered metallic nanospheres exhibiting tunable ultra-sharp resonance peaks with spectral widths as narrow as 10 nm to achieve the...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FH21
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Chen, Yueli; Piao, Daqing; Otis, Linda; Zhu, Quing
  • We present characterization of dentin and enamel as well as dental caries using polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS-OCT). The results may provide useful...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FH27
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Spöler, Felix; Först, Michael; Kurz, Heinrich; Bartels, Albrecht; Marquardt, Yvonne; Frank, Jorge; Abuzahra, Faris
  • A high resolution optical coherence tomography system was set up for dermatological applications. An axial resolution of 3 µm in tissue allows visualisation of the basement membrane...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: FH6
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Katz, Alvin; Wang, Leming; Wang, Q Z; Luo, J -C; Zeng, Fanon; Zhang, Gang; Zevallos, Manuel; Alfano, Scot; Alfano, R R
  • A remote, spectroscopic-based Compact Photonics Explorer was designed, assembled, and tested. Spectral images were acquired with the CPE and transmitted to a remote computer.Images...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: SA6
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Klose, Alexander D; Ntziachristos, Vasilis; Hielscher, Andreas H
  • We have developed an optical fluorescence image reconstruction algorithm that is based on the equation of radiative transfer. First image reconstruction results of a...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: SC8
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Piao, Daqing; Zhu, Quing
  • A new DOCT technique that performs direct bi-directional angle-insensitive flow-intensity detection is presented. Angle-insensitive direct flow-intensity detection is achieved by...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: SG2
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Oldenburg, Amy L; Jean-Jacques Toublan, Farah; Xu, Chenyang; Luo, Wei; Najarro, Gabriel R; Gunther, Jillian R; Watkin, Kenneth L; Wei, Alexander; Suslick, Kenneth S; Boppart, Stephen A
  • Contrast enhancement for in vivo OCT is investigated using plasmon-resonant gold nanorods, protein microspheres, liposomes, and iron-oxide particles. The spectroscopic,...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: ThB2
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Grosenick, Dirk; Moesta, K Thomas; Wabnitz, Heidrun; Mucke, Jörg; Möller, Michael; Stößel, Jana; Wassermann, Bernhard; Macdonald, Rainer; Schlag, Peter; Rinneberg, Herbert
  • We recorded time-domain optical mammograms from more than 150 patients. Optical properties of breast tumors detected were estimated by employing models of photon diffusion...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: ThB3
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Taroni, Paola
  • A clinical study involving more than 150 patients has been performed to investigate the diagnostic potential of time-resolved optical mammography at 4 wavelengths (685-985 nm)....

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: ThB7
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Jiang, Shudong; Pogue, Brian W; Song, Xiaomei; Srinivasan, Subhadra; Paulsen, Keith D; Kogel, Christine A; Soho, Sandra; Poplack, Steven P
  • Near-infrared tomographic images of choromphores and scatterers have been validated with phantoms and used in imaging pressure effects in normal breast tissue. Dominant changes occur...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: ThC6
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Georgakoudi, Irene; Solban, Nicolas; Novak, John; Hasan, Tayyaba; Hasan, Tayyaba; Hasan, Tayyaba; Lin, Charles
  • We present a new method for detecting fluorescently labeled circulating cells in vivo. We use this method to monitor the depletion kinetics of circulating prostate cancer cells with...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: ThE3
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Pons, Thomas; Mertz, Jerome
  • We describe a novel transmission confocal laser scanning microscopy where a nonlinear crystal replaces the pinhole. Phase contrast imaging is evaluated theoretically and demonstrated...

  • Biomedical Topical Meeting (BIO) 2004 paper: ThE5
  • OSA Technical Digest
  • Wells, Jonathon D; Jansen, Duco; Konrad, Peter; Mahadevan-Jansen, Anita
  • A novel method of stimulation of neural tissue using pulsed, low-energy laser light is presented. Optical stimulation elicits nerve and muscle action potentials similar to responses...
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