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Optics InfoBase Features

Browse the below tabs to learn more about the functionality of the Optics InfoBase website. Readers can use the My InfoBase personalization features to stay current with the topics that interest them the most; use our numerous research tools to reveal content in new and dynamic ways; and learn more about our journal collection.

Recent features upgrades include:

  • Sign up to receive alerts when an article is cited
  • Track abstract views and article downloads with Article-Level Metrics. The download statistics used by OSA follow the current COUNTER standard and use the previous month's data.
  • Create custom journals, email alerts, and more with a new user-friendly "My InfoBase" interface
  • Search by author affiliation, table-of-contents category, and other new criteria
  • Read HTML articles optimized for your mobile device
OSA is constantly updating our interface to improve our reader's experience with journal content and we welcome your feedback. Email us at InfoBase@osa.org with any comments or suggestions.

My InfoBase

My InfoBase is a free service brought to you by OSA—The Optical Society. Use My InfoBase to build and manage custom journals on the topics that matter most to you. Receive alerts whenever new content is added to "your" journals. Simply login to your existing OSA account or create an account to take advantage of the following features:

My InfoBase Tools

  • My Custom Journals and Alerts. View your custom journals and custom alerts in one place! Custom journals and alerts can be created with any of the Optics InfoBase advanced search criteria. Use the "Edit" button to modify the title, content, and color of any Custom Journal. Drag and drop the journal widgets to arrange them on the page. View an example of a Custom Journal.
  • Manage Custom Journals and Alerts. Use the tools available in My InfoBase to create, edit, or remove a custom journal or alert on the topics that matter the most to you. Allow as many as six journal widgets at a time to display on your "Custom Journals" page. Set an e-mail alert to be delivered daily or weekly when new content is added to your journals. Select the option “Display in Custom Journals” to add a journal widget to the Custom Journal page.
  • Manage Citation Alerts. Sign up to receive e-mail alerts when a specific article is cited.
  • My Standard Alerts. Receive e-mail alerts and RSS feeds for the latest content in your favorite journals. To register for our standard table-of-contents alerts, simply select the publications of interest. You will receive an e-mail alert when the issue is complete.
  • My Custom ToC. Customize the topics that appear at the front of any OSA journal table of contents. Readers can select up to 10 table-of-contents (ToC) categories to display first at the top of an OSA journal ToC page. Simply click on the [Set Preferred Topics] link on any OSA journal issue to select the topics you want to see first. Readers must be logged in to My InfoBase to see their preferred topics displayed on the journal ToC page.
  • My Article Collections. Build collections of article links for your favorite topic areas. As you search and browse articles in Optics InfoBase, you can select and save article links to personal collections and then export collections to popular citation-management formats such as BibTeX and RIS (for EndNote and others). To create an article collection, simply check articles of interest from a table-of-contents or search results page; then use the "Save to ..." dropdown with option "Save to Article Collection."
  • My Subscriptions. View your journal subscriptions and see when they expire.
  • My Activity Report. View your article download activity.
  • My Personal Profile. Update your contact information, reviewer status, password, and more.